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2010 Dodge Journey (4 Reviews)
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38,000 miles and getting ready to replace third set of brake rotors. First time was re-machined and did not last. Then dealer replaced with newer version of Original Equipment. Now 21000 miles later, same thing allover again. Vehicle initially good value for money, but is now becoming a liability.
I am at 21k miles, have had Veh. for 3 years, (short work commute). At 15k miles I needed to change all pads, and resurface all rotors(rears were worse). This is way too early for rear brakes. Tires have been a huge problem, I have replaced 2 of them, extremely expensive, and now need to replace the other 2. I am going to change the tire size, and just buy 4 new tires, it will be cheaper this way. If you dont understand why I would do this, just google Dodge Journey Kumho, and you will understand. Again, this is way too early to be replacing tires. Those are the 2 major problems I have had, the rest are just minor annoyances, but still should not be happening. Such annoyances are, but not limited to.....rear shocks or struts, whichever it is, make very loud squeak when going over a speed bump, no matter the speed. All 4 doors make very loud squeak when opening them, I spray them very often. Driver side window, very loud squeaking when opening/closing. Front bumper is detaching from vehicle, causing approx. a half inch gap. This veh. was never in an accident. And last but not least, the driver seat makes some odd noise coming from underneath. I will give Dodge this one, since I am over weight, lol. Like I said, the rest are all a bunch of small annoyances, but these are things that should not be happening at such a low mileage. In the snow, I am very happy with the AWD, and though it is not the fastest car in the world, it is comfortable on the highway, giving you enough pickup to over take easily, and does handle pretty well at higher speeds for an SUV. Overall though, for the price, I would def look at other SUVs first, before settling for this Veh.
Having issues with the rear tires wearing on the inside... The outside tread on the rear look brand new, while the inside tread is looking to be a lot worn. The front tires are worn eeven all the way across. Is the rear just a camber adjustment??
11 months and 11,500 miles and no complaints. At pure highway, getting 26 MPG which is better than sticker's 24MPG rating. City driving about per sticker at 17MPG. Have 6-cylinder engine and has been excellent...plenty of power and no lugging at freeway speeds. Best aspect and main reason I purchased, was head and leg room. If you're tall, this is the crossover type car you need to consider. Only drawback is the interior plastics are not quite same quality look/feel as others and always seems to be reported in Chrysler/Dodge products. BTW---I owned several cars and this is my first Dodge. I am happy with it!