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1999 Dodge Intrepid (4 Reviews)
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I purchased the car for $5K in 2000 - it's a 1999 - ran great until a routine oil change turned out to be a case where I believe the dealer did not put the oil back in as the engine burned-up and there were no oil leaks just no oil in it and I was always prompt in changing the oil at the dealership. This dealership did Fords and others as well. I knew I couldn't prove it in court - and this was in 2007 so I bought a new engine from Michigan for $1,995 pd $1,000 to have it put in and although I still have the car and love the car - this engine over heats and I use it as a 2nd car now can only go 20 miles or so & it over heats but it's very comfortable and it didn't have any other major problems - after I had the engine replaced -hard to give her up as it is such a nice car other than having the engine replaced. I took the car back for a new Dodge emblem on the front and left it for the afternoon while I was at work and then the next oil change I took it to an oil change place and they told me that they could not replace the belt or even check it because the entire air conditioning unit had been removed! Well, the only place it had been was to the dealership - so I never went back to that dealership and now I am driving around in California with my Dodge Intrepid and maybe some day I'll just fix her up again. She is a great 2nd car. My advice is that you beware of dealerships especially when your car gets to be 5+ years of age - I think they will do whatever is necessary to try and sell you another car. Hope this helps. In 1999 I also bought my daughter a 1997 Dodge Intrepid and she is still driving it today and it's 10/09/2011 and she loves her car. Only minor repairs on that car but she never took her car to the dealership - she did oil changes on time with oil change places and then checked the oil to make sure she had received oil - after my ordeal.
The engine has been steady and strong. Brakes have had some repairs. The transmission sensor was replaced twice. My main concern has been the a/c. The blower resistor has had to be replaced.
Purchase a 1999 Dogde Intrepid from a auction On August 1,2008. December 24,2008 the timing Chain broke, which I was told bend the pistons or valves on the motor. so the motor needs to be rebuilt or replace. both cost to much very disapointed in this car would not recomend to anyone. Also the rear passenger window would not come back-up once let down unless you manually pull uo.
Car look great, loaded with extras. 3.2 engine size has good get up an go for a big car. handles like a large car. Brakes seem good and smooth, Sometimes it shifts a little rough, I have had a few times it was hard to start almost if the battery was going dead. Very comfortable nice car.