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2007 Dodge Grand Caravan (6 Reviews)
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First minivan. Love the ride and handling, the mileage is acceptable. The brakes are a dangerously unreliable. Brakes stick on and almost ignite into flames ( check them out after dark) Poor, poor design. Coolant fan went at 70 000. new brakes all around at 125000(nuts). I asked the serviceman if it was a know issue about the brakes he said "no" and then I found the service bulletin about it. I lie it but have no faith in the brakes.
We've had our Dodge Grand Caravan for 5 years. Overall, its been a very good vehicle. My only gripes are that it goes through brakes about every other year. For this reason, its a good idea to get them replaced with someone who offers a lifetime warranty. This way, when you have to replace the brakes you just pay for the labor. My other gripe is the radiator just went on it at 77,000 miles. Maybe my expectations are too high but based on the cost of vehicles these days this is something that should last the life of the vehicle. Back in the 80's, it was not uncommon to have to replace the radiator. I have a Nissan with almost 100,000 miles and I still have the same radiator.
One of the best vehicals I have owned. At 45K mls. it has no problems. Just drove from Aptos, California to Key Largo, Florida. The only negative observation is, when driving in the night, once in a while the voltage drops from around 14volts to about 12 and recovers again. Not much of a problem at all but might get worst.
This is a great van but I've had brake problems since I purchased it. My friend also owns it and he has brake problems too.
My dealer told me it's because I live on a hill.
I will never own a Dodge ever again. 67k miles and needs a 2nd set of brakes, rear evap replaced under warranty due to horrible design, now it wont start every time. Battery, alternator, and starter all test ok. oh, and not to forget, the passenger window works on only intermittently. Overall just very cheaply made.
Love, love this van. I have had six mini-van's - two were Plymouth Voyagers which they say are the same thing, one Nissan Quest and the other's were Caravan's. Two of the Caravan's I was not crazy about. One was a four cylinder and I would never recommend a four cylinder mini-van of any kind. It would also just sit there sometime because the transmission would not engage and suddenly with a thud, it would work. We called the dealer several times and finally they admitted there was a problem with those vans. They were going to fix it for free but we got a great deal on the Quest before it was fixed. The other was just a van instead of a Grande Caravan and I can't say an exact problem but we just never liked it. As soon as the warranty had expired on the 1999 Plymouth Voyager, it overheated and we could see water coming out from under the engine. Mechanic and everything I read said this was a head gasket problem and would cost about $2,000 to repair or the mechanic said we could put Stop Leak in it. We know this isn't recommended but we did and had to several times over the years. We had this vehicle 11 years and it was hard to give up but we replace the radiator, had work done on the transmission and the driver's power window was broken. It had started getting loud and just felt like things weren't right. Could drive it for months without it overheating but suddenly it would. Put in fluid and would be good for several more months. We've had a 2007 Dodge Caravan for three years and we love it! Love the stow and go seats; love the bucket seats in the middle row and the bells and whistles of telling me how far I can drive before running our of gas, temp outside, etc. Great highway miles but pretty much as expected on short trips. The back lock is just starting to give us a problem as it sometimes has to be unlocked by hand before the door will slide open with the key or the inside button. May need brakes soon but every vehicle does sometime. We love it and judging from the number of them we see on the road, we are not the only ones. There are so many like it in every parking lot we have to remember where we parked it. Don't give up on them if you get a lemon - every brand has one sometimes. Most people love the Cavelier but we had such a horrible lemon that we wouldn't even touch a Chevy again. I will say that I would never, never buy a vehicle from the dealer who sold us our van because they lied to us. Said we had a cheaper price but when paper work came through it was higher; promised to put in automatic rear gate but didn't and would not take our calls when we tried to get in touch with them. It was not a Dodge dealer.