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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan (14 Reviews)
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I bought this new new on 9/11/04. The airbag light came on at 20k and Chrylser covered it. It was the airbag control module. Since then it's been replaced 5 times but I still have the problem about every 6 months.
The Dodge dealership replaced the Occupant Restraint Controller Module and I'm still having problems with the airbag control module!
Also I had to have the whole front end rebuilt, struts, swaybar bushings, tie rods etc just to get the "bump" out of the front end and this was done at 50k. This has cost me more money than I could sell it for so I'm stuck with it. I just wish it would catch on fire or be wrecked so I could get rid of it. I'll never buy another Chrysler product as long as I live!!
Dirt & Dust come in thru vents.........just bought a month ago and can't keep DUST out.........can chew dirt while driving and your eyes get filled with dirt...

Took back in and they said the "rubber" around this vent in rear of van (after tearing my whole inside apart) wore out and needs replaced.... $375.00 and was MY expense, not theirs!!! I argued for over 1 1/2 hours that I bought this van a month ago not intending to put money into it for repairs right away. I would NEVER have bought this knowing it leaked DIRT/DUST and would cover everyone and everything inside when driving it!!! They now are telling me to pay my $100.00 deductable/fee and they'll pay the rest. Guess better than nothing!!! UGH>>>>>>>>>
Bought a 2005 Grand Caravan with around 32,000 miles about 5 years ago. I think I have sunk about $5,000 in repairs into it since I bought it. I will never buy another Chrysler product. I have had the transmission rebuilt (at around 65,000 miles), brake problems, coolant leaks, power locks that won't work and now it looks like it will need a new computer. What a piece of junk. Don't waste your money on one.
the 05 dodge grand caravan is the biggest peace of gunk iv ever owned . ive replace all the parts up front and still wonders all over the road . driving on wet roads water leaks into the floor bords and the stow and go compartments . and sucks gas like crazy . just build me a new 91 , best van ive ever owned but has rusted out and looks terable
Bought vehicle new,Like it very much, except had to replace front sway bar twice less than 50K miles (problem with mini vans),showing some rust bubble on paint, have seen other Caravans with same problem on hood at same spot,dealers will not respond .
I purchased a New 2005 Grand Canavan. The van is 6yrs old I had to replace the sway bar link 2 times, rack and pinon 3 times, struts 1 time, bushings 6 times. I don't suggest this van to anyone. I had nothing but problems, it is more in the dealership than I am driving the van. Good luck
This van has been an excellent proformer, It is loaded w/all the options and they work well, besides standard maintenance there have been no problems.
Lots of little electrical problems. Leaky power steering. Leaky radiator.
We got this van because the seats would fold flat in the floor. We have really enjoyed the extra space for vacationing. The problems we have with the van is the cup holders in the second seating area are unhandy. The front end is very noisey, alot of rattling when we go over the smallest bunp..
A decent family car. Spacious and functional.
My Wife and I enjoy this the drive it gives on long trips and around town. The Stow and go seats are great and easy to use. MPG is 18.9 which I is good for weight and size.
I bought this van because it was one of the first to come up with Stow N Go seats feature, where the seats fold down into the van leaving you with an entirely flat surface. It is incredibly convenient for transporting larger items. This van has been very reliable and we have taken many long trips with it.
I Love My Grand Caravan...
Runs great, powerful, comfortable, and the Stow N Go Seating is just unbelievable.. Name one other vehicle that can have all of the seats for 7 people still in the van and still haul sheets of 4X8 plywood... if I find a bargain I just flip down as many seats as necessary and load it up. This also makes it the perfect road trip machine. 110,000 miles with only a water pump, oil changes and two sets of tires. And it averages 20 mpg in daily driving and has done 26 mpg on trips with 5 adults and all of our stuff on board.
Simply the best all around vehicle that I know of.
We got this van because it had the stow n go seating. We have enjoyed the extra space . The extra space comes in handy on vacations. We don't like the second seat cup holders , they really are NOT in the best place. We also have alot of problems with the rattling noise that comes from under the front end of the van. You can hit the smallest bump and the front end sounds like it is going to fall off..