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2002 Dodge Grand Caravan owners review and rate their 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan.

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan (12 Reviews)
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I did get some things fix on this minivan now last told tranny going out has 262,000 miles. I bought it in 2004 with 32,000 miles been a great minivan but now time to sell off I thank u Chrysler though was used but dependable driving all across NC/SC Borders miss it.
i have an 02 dodge caravan i would like to trade to a convertible horse and buggy!
bout this van on may 4 2012 187000 on it the preson said there was nothen wrong so i gave him 1500 for it well needed brake cables both rear and from the pedal needs all the ev. replaces now needs to have the das replaces is there any thinking i for got it will not pas insp. now iam out 1500 plus 1000 in part still will not pas insp. reasion i bout it is my girl friend is in a wheel chair
purchased new 2002, power sliding door stopped working 2005
door locks 2009, power seat 2011. only 89,000km.
never again.
dogde grand caravan is a lemon!!! I will never recommend it to anyone. It has been one headache after another. While driving, the steering wheel fell off into my hands,almost causing an accident. The window regulator , taillight,fan motor ,electric tailgate,power side doors and fuel pump all broke. After an oil change at the Dodge Dealership, my " check engine" light came on. It's still giving me problems. Now the power door locks stopped working . All this before the van had 77,000 miles. A TRUE LEMON TO THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON!
The engine had to be replaced after 180000 miles. The transmission had to be replaced and the water pump is now shot. Also I had to replace the radiator and thermostat. Idle control sensor took me back another $85 also. All in all...NEVER AGAIN!
The van i bought has not worked right since i bought it.
This is an exceelent vehicle. My only problem was the air conditioning and it was repaired under warranty.
Front rotors need to be replaced too often. Clunking caused by stabilizer bushings. Easy replacement with NAPA blue bushings. 20 bucks. 140,000 miles and still going strong. This was a great buy for me. (new in 2002)
good so far.
I will NEVER buy another dodge Caravan AGAIN!!!!! We have a 2002 that we bought used 3 years ago, with only 29,000 miles on it. We have had NOTHING but problems. Where do I begin? Brakes have had to be changed several times, and I drive that car very easy and dont put that many miles on it a week. Problems with the transmission, the transmission selenoid pack, The entire steering column needed to be replaced because it started leaking power steering fluid, needed several front end alignments in a 1 year period, the power window motor broke (That was a $300 repair bill alone!!!) NOW, the A/C stopped working today. BEWARE
I have owned this van for 7 years. Its been great. No major problems at all. I did install a new sliding door motor, gave it a tune up. Very easy to work on. I have the 3.8 liter engine and it really moves for a mini van with 200 hp and 250 tq. NICE!!!!!!