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2001 Dodge Grand Caravan (5 Reviews)
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This is my 2nd 2001 Dodge Grand Carvan. I like them but don't know why i bought another. At 55k I have so much going wrong. So far changed the pully and belt, links and barons, evap hose under the van (check engine light kept coming on) I need a power steering pump now, and the TWO biggest things. my brake pedal is making noise and more noise (I can't stand it) and MOST of ALL the AC/heater blower. had warranty replace the blower. THAT was'nt the problem it's got to be that heaterbox. It whislte and whistle I can't take it! i have to turn the radio loud. It has to go back in!
have owned two grand caravans since 1999. The first was a 96 with the 3.3L adn 41,000 miles, we loved it. Mostly maintenance. The water pump and trans pump seal started leaking shortly after we purchased. Took back to dealer and they repaired free of charge. Had electrical issue where lights would blink constantly, radio would be noisy (ineterference), and at times would not start with a fully charged battery. I was able to fix after it fter messing around with it. Transmission went out at 98000 miles. Replaced with a Jasper and it was shifting fine when my wife totaled it in 2003 with 128000. It did have brake issues for awhile, it had Disc/drum brakes. I finally stopped the problem by replacing shoes and pads along with rotors and drums all at one time. I used the titanium metallic Bendix products. No more brake problems. We really loved it. We replaced it with a used 2002 GC Sport with 3.3L and 24000 miles. It has four wheel disc and we have no brake problems. It has the normal sway bar bushing rattle, change bushings, it will last for 40,000, then start again. The power steering system blew the return line off one day. I replaced the hoses and used better clamps. I ended up replacing the pump. We libve in Ohio. Radiator has been replaced, due to pin hole leak at 101,000. The transmission stopped shifting one day. After a couple of days scratching my head and staring at the service manual. I discovered a broken wire that went to the trans solenoid pack, replaced the wire and works fine. We started using it to tow a 2500 pound pop up camper in 2007. It tows great on downhill and flat. SLight uphill OK, steep grade 45 MPH in second gear, but hey it's a minivan. December 2009, it started to have electrical problems.The battery goes dead if it is not driven 2-3 days in a row. We ended up replacing the battery. December 2010 it started doing it again. This time I am trying to find out what is draining it. I have narrowed it down to the Transmission control module. I will fix it. We love the van and probably will purchase another when it dies. I am a mechanic, so it will last a long time. I think it will rust out before I let it die. Overall they are nice vans. Some have issues some don't. Other manufacturers vans aren't any better. My dad and I have replaced numerous trasnsmissions and engines on GM and Ford minvans. In-laws have a Toyota Siena they haven't had too many problems, but I just don't like it. It just doesn't feel right when I am driving, maybe it's me. Our neighbors had a Honda Odessey, they hated it. they traded it in adn got an 08 GC. They love it.
2001 Grand Caravan has been very expensive to own and repair. Gave up on check engine light and have been driving around with it on for a long time after each "repair" has been futile. Have spent a total of $10,133.14 in maintenance and repairs on a vehicle driven carefully and in no accidents since purchasing it new. Have had these repairs done at both dealerships and small shops and distrust them all at this point.
This has been a fairly trouble free vehicle which is enjoyable to drive. It is an AWD and while it does not get used often, when it does, it has made a very significant difference.
I've owned 4 Dodge Gran Caravans totaling over 800,000 miles (194,000 on this one). Good bang for the buck and I just bought a 08 for my wife. In my 96 I blew the transmission at 100,000 but was only $1,000 for the repair at the time. Other than that no major mechanical issues. I maintained them all according to owners manual service recommendations. All were bought 2 years old with under 50,000 miles (usually half the price of a new one). My 2001 is starting to get some major rust since I'm in Michigan and haven't driven as many miles a week in the last 2 years with the slow economy.