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1999 Dodge Grand Caravan owners review and rate their 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan.

1999 Dodge Grand Caravan (3 Reviews)
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I now have 161,000 miles on my van It has been a money pit. Anything electrical I had to replace door locks, all the window motors, ( and there is 6 ) the temperature control panel Thank goodness I got that at a junk yard for 45.00 because that is a 700.00 part the transmission went at 100,000 now the back hatch door wont open because of rust or the power lock went again. Paid to have clock spring replaced because I didnt know it was a recall, and that was after I almost got in a accident because horn wouldnt work. I will never never buy Chrysler again (as I have 2 more as lawn ornaments as they wont run because they are 2.7 engines that Chrysler wont admit are bad engines
Really quiet engine. You don't hear the outside noises. High freeway mileage. Low maintenance while I owned. Great sound system and very comfortable.
We bought ours used at Dayton andrews Dodge after doing a car fax report. Only one owner no accidents serviced regulary great looking vehicle.After only having it a few months fans went out .replaced them then the starter went replaced it then tranny went replaced it.just quit running we replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump and fuel sensor and it still wont run.What a money pit we will never buy another dodge ever. Dodges motto should be all show no go.....