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1998 Dodge Grand Caravan (3 Reviews)
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266,000 miles and still running good. Starting to nickle and dime me but after 10 years it is still a good rig.
Bought this in 2003 w 47K miles.

Pros: I really like the roominess...I can fit the family one day, or fit a ton of equipment another, or haul a load of firewood or stuff from Home Depot on another. It seems to be perfectly sized for most everything I do. The 3.8L motor is really strong and could probably humble many of the sporty cars out there in a race from stop. Fuel economy is excellent for the size. Normally get 18 mpg with mostly town driving, 20 all around with a fair mix of town, rural, and highway, and up to 24-26 on some long stretches of highway...almost as good as my sporty import. Interior has held up well, paint still shiny (although with some dents), tires wear well. Car now has around 140K miles.

Cons: Couple years back went through a year of trying to figure out why the thing would occasionally not click, no nothing after a couple false starts. Also occasionally psycho gauges. Final verdict? Bad solder joints on the instrument cluster board. A new board installed by the dealer wasn't cheap, but it fixed the problems. Suspension has been getting worn which you can hear when you hit bumps. The tranny seems to be getting a little tired with some hard shifts at low speeds. The automatic door lock mechanisms have been replaced but still they act all psycho most of the time, wanting to relock after I unlock them with the key. Brakes seem to last adequately...Kristi from SLC, have you ever considered that maybe your brakes don't last because of where you are getting them replaced, not the fact that they are going into a Caravan? Service Grade brakes are very different from Professional Grade...I would suspect the mass merchandiser you mention is using the cheapest they can get so they can have you come back in 12-18 months for a new set of brakes. Looks like it is working :)

Anyway, this baby is still awesome for long trips, but starting to be a pain for just around town because of general clunkiness in the suspension and tranny. Over the 7 years I've had it, all I recall replacing is the above circuit board and automatic door lock mechanisms, one set of wires and plugs, starter, alternator, tensioner and belt, a couple batteries, EGR Valve, a couple sets of tires, tranny flush, and lots of oil changes. The motor is still very strong.
Great vehicle ,now have 175000 miles with little trouble,only slight oil leak from valve cover