1997 Dodge Grand Caravan Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan owners review and rate their 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan.

1997 Dodge Grand Caravan (4 Reviews)
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I bought it used in '00 now has 234,422 miles on original motor & tranny but had it shares up/down. Brakes, transmissions and oil problems. Just paid a good $245.00 on new parts for engine it smelled 1qt of oil but that's not it - I had to pay mechanic extra $233.76 for replacing whole new crankshaft kit well it almost broke me but will complain until now after putting lots of miles onto the engine its still original. Interior and power equipment are still working but I will buy another Dodge after got $$$ worth in this one. I still see lots of these around the mid south so means they are very dependable mines be reliable so far though later put expensive repairs until in 2010 but van is running strong for me.
I bought my 1997 Grand Caravan LE in 2002 with only 35,500 miles on it & got a good deal. Even though the van has 181,000 miles on it now, it still does well for me. I don't always have the money to fix, but I do get the major items repaired. It helps to that I have an excellent mechanic. Since I am a student this vehicle must last me through school.This is my 2nd.Dodge Mini Van and I would recommend the Dodge Mini Van to anyone.
overall its a good vehicle except for the transmisson overheating.
Bought used with 119,000 miles. 3.3 runs good, gets the job done. Original 4-speed automatic is junk and riddled with problems. Replaced with used trans which also failed in 4000 miles, planet set and pump cover this time. Replaced with updated unit from Jasper. $$$$! Works great so far, we'll see! Electronic systems are glitchy at best. Steering rack pressure lines rusted through but I live in the salt belt so it was expected, sort of.. Body held up well, not much rust & still looks good. I bought it for the roominess, but the maintenance is killing me- Never had to repair a vehicle so much! Won't buy another & DEFINITELY won't recommend!