1996 Dodge Grand Caravan Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Dodge Grand Caravan owners review and rate their 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan.

1996 Dodge Grand Caravan (3 Reviews)
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I bought this vehicle second hand back in '97 and other than the usual maintenance issues I haven't had too many complaints. Love the van and the local dealer is really good.

Here in 2011 I have 150 thousand miles on the car and it's starting to show some wear and tear. If it wasn't for the stuff on the ceiling the headliner would be down around my ears. The front shroud is coming loose, the starter grinds, the A/C died three years ago, and a couple of the door locks are iffy. Still it is a good reliable vehicle,and yes, I'll buy another.
Have had sooo many problems with mine. I go through brakes like crazy(way faster than my husbands s.u.v) have had the tranny replaced, twice. stop light swtich, the blower on fan only works on high(thats the next thing) a valve cover leak.....again. my windows have been a mess, my suspension sucks. and the child seats are a joke, i dont even use them, they lock my kid in there, which seems deadly. I have spent sooo much on fixing stuff in this van I could have bought another, but I keep putting money into it, cuz I have no other choice now. 22,000 miles on Brakes? YEAH RIGHT! Firestone knows me by name now!!it IS a comfy van, and other than the floating feeling in it, I love driving it. I just wish I didnt have to put so much money into it all the time, if its not one thing....its THREE!!
well they are really ba at eating up trannys and the fan relay goes alot they have been known to just stop working and not start again they are spacious and greatfor families but they have alot of issues that i believe that since it is defaults that alot of them have that dodge should have to fix them so if you want a dodge caravan know sometime you will be replacing a tranny they are ot the year you wanna get i believe its the worst glitch year of them all