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1994 Dodge Grand Caravan owners review and rate their 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan.

1994 Dodge Grand Caravan (1 Review)
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I bought this van with 154,000 miles on it. It has since taken quite a beating as I used it for construction work, visiting multiple sites per day and just beating the crap out of it on each site. It has done the job of full size trucks and come out still strong as ever with 210,000 miles on it now. (Engine-wise) The suspension in the rear is a little clunky now, and Ive replaced the inner and outer rear wheel bearing as well as the rear shocks. (To be expected I haul about 500lbs of equipment + some when I pick stuff up from the site) I put a new AC compressor on it, and a new wiper motor. New axles on the front. Sounds like a lot, but not when you consider the miles and what I do with it. All of this work took place around 200,000 miles give or take except the bearings which Im doing now at 210,000. I once had to change the tranny fluid and filter to make it go again, but that was it. Been fine since.

All in all Im very satisfied with this van. Its had a tough life for the last 60,000 miles and who knows what kind of life it had before that. The 3.3l is very strong though I usually drive it nice. When I need to get up to speed fast though, it has no problem doing so. The thing just chews right through snow with a good set of tires; I was able to give it a LOT of gas and when one wheel spun, the other was moving us forward without hesitation. Excellent van.