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1999 Dodge Durango (2 Reviews)
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Bought new in 1999, now has over 199,000 miles on it. The rear end gears went at 88,000, the trans went at 92,000, the front brakes lasted 97,000, the rears 175,000. $4000 trans. Ouch! Replaced the differential with a Lock Right - bad idea. Noisy. The engine runs like a champ, no tap. But it has had 5 sets of upper ball joints (including originals, replace twice by Dodge under warranty) and lower control arms were replaced due to bad ball joints. Two words - bad design. But for all it's faults, it is a do anything type of truck. Now it started running warm, stalling at lights and wearing the tires badly (on it's 5th set of tires). Needs $1700 worth of work, decisions, decisions ....
I have had nothing but trouble from this vehicle in the last year and a half out of the two which I have had it. Brakes have to be replaced on a monthly or bi-monthly(if I am lucky) basis, We have had to replace the left hub once and the right hub 3 times...and they are going bad again! Steering has had to be replaced and is again going bad after 2 months and now our PCM is shot!! Never again will I buy a Chrysler product!