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2000 Dodge Dakota (6 Reviews)
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Bought my 2000 Dakota in 2003 with 40000 miles on it. I do the maintenance at the recommended time. The transmission went at 56000miles and was rebuilt under the extended warranty. At 61000 miles the evaporater core went. Has 90000 miles on it now, original 3.9L engine still running strong. No rust on it. Will keep it till it quits.
What a piece of junk 130, 000 miles and so far since owning this 2000 from brand new replaced the rotors the first year, heatercore, a/c compressor, rust is eating the roof in the corners and the latest is the gas tank straps have rotted through and the undercarriage is nothing but rust and parts are just falling off their mounting points.Then theirs the transmission just had to replace the governor and compositor after following all the mfg maintenance schedule . Don't expect this truck to last much longer before the frame just rust through, oh yes I must mention the front and rear bumpers are also rusting to the point of holes
I have owned my 2000 dakota 4x4 4.7L for 9 yrs. It has 153,000 miles on it. It was bulletproof until it hit approx. 125,000 miles. The 1st 6 yrs were great. However, the last 3 yrs has been back and forth work to keep this truck running. I used to take it to the river but its not too trustworthy anymore. I will say this: This 4WD is the best one that I have owned, when it's running!
I had a 1997 V-6, then moved to a 2000 4.7... Love everything about this truck. Never had a problem that I couldn't fix or that kept the truck from running strong.
2000 Quad Cab 4x4 with 4.7 L
Great truck. Bought it from my father who bought it new and did all maintenance on it through the dealership. Currently has 170,000 on it and no major problems. Has gone through 3 sets of tires (oe goodyears @ 40,000; michelin xcx/apt @ 120,000; current bridgestone dueler revos), 3 sets of ball joints, 3 sets of shocks, original transmission (kinda rare at this mileage for these vehicles) with 4 fluid exchanges, rear pinion seal is starting to go out but not that bad yet, developed a lower end knock in the motor around 130,000 and has just been getting slowly worse when cold (goes away when warm). 4 wheel drive works like a dream, I love the 'Four on the Fly' transfer case. Good power, although its been getting a little weaker with its higher mileage. Original exhaust except for the muffler which I put on a Flowmaster @ 135,000. Would recommend to anyone needing a truck that is capable of full-size performance in a mid-size package. Just remember there is a lot more to maintain on these vehicles than on a 4 cylinder car; Do the maintenance and she'll easily last you through 200,000.
Bought this truck with less than 60,000 miles on it in 2008. In great condition, was garage kept. It runs like a charm, decent smooth ride, comfortable front seats, enough room for small kids in back seat, but could only fit a booster seat not a full car seat back there.