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1994 Dodge Dakota (5 Reviews)
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I have a 94 2wd 3.9 manual. 65,000 miles I know the rust will be the killer of this truck. Dodge dakota's rust around the fender walls.
Repairs i have had done, only because i thought necessary are... Timing chain,(old one looked fine), brake pads, routine replacements plugs etc. All it needs is shocks and mounts and heater work.
Truck came with no A/C, one less thing to possibly go wrong:)
Truly a great truck. I see it being around for years to come. Soon to repaint it i think. (or just drive it)!!!
ive had my 1994 dodge dakota for 6 years now it has the 3.9 v6 2wd and i wouldnt never trade it off for anything its got 210k and ive never turned one bolt on the motor except for a water pump. the best truck ive ever owned and the motor runs just as smooth as my 2009 nissan. drive it daily and the only way to beat the motor down would be to run it without oil or something.
Purchased this truck recently with high mileage, so much may be different due to it's age, but I will say:

Suspension and Steering gets 1 star as I am aware some of my steering components are worn down which doesn't allow me to make a reliable review.

This truck has run exceptionally well given it's high mileage and age. Even though the previous owner neglected a lot of important maintenance, this truck has held together. I can only say that it was very well built. I enjoy the power of the 5.2L V8 (the always reliable Mopar 318)

Despite this model design being from the early 1990's, I find it's design doesn't look 'old'. It is a good looking vehicle. The interior is also very comfortable. The back seats are small but still useful, with convenient under-storage. They are definitely more comfortable then the jumper seats in Ford Rangers of similar years.

This is definitely THE truck for something looking for a medium truck. I would not compare it to a Ford Ranger or Chevy S-10, and it is also doesn't feel quite as large as a full size truck.

On a mechanical note, even though the engine is quite large, everything in the engine compartment is very accessible. I am a very new to vehicle maintenance, but this truck certainly feels like a good starting point.

One thing that does bother me, though, is that the heater takes a long time to get going.
I bought this truck in 1994 with 29 miles on it. It now has 210,000 miles and is running strong. The body still looks like new except for a few small rust bubbles. This is not bad for 10 years in Minnesota and 6 years in Colorado. The brakes work great with normal maintenance. There is no problem with the drive train and it is original. No problem with the electrical and exhaust. The engine runs like a top. Starts great. The 2 problems that I have had with it are the a/c that went out at about 130,000 miles and I have put 4 sending units for the fuel pump in it. There is no doubt that I was truely blessed when I bought this truck.
great truck. only problem a ticking noise in the injection system when you start it up after it comes up to temp. it quiets down but dosen't go away. the truck runs great. I baught it with 103000ml now has 196590
It could use more power, I pull an 18' cargo trailer hills are a little tuff. put in 2 heater cables needs a new 1 now. added a added a leaf over all great mid size truck.