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1993 Dodge Dakota (6 Reviews)
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I Love my 1993 Dodge Dakota. I am female and have got completely ripped off on repairs. I was lied to ,cheated out of a lot,alot, of money. All say,"its a Dodge" like a problem child. The only problem was they were all liars and thieves and wanted it. So they dogged the Dodge. I still got it and they don't! They(as in "mechanics or just men talking crap about it.),LOL. literally tried to steal it three times on mechanical issues,that were reasonable, if I had gone to an honest mechanic the first time. Had to find one ,it took time and a lot of money later. I paid and paid the thieves. When taken care of ,it is the truck!
My dad bought it off a Texan in Fresno, CA back in 2000 for $950.
The a/c and radio on it were broken when he bought it.

For a truck three months older than me it's taken a lot of abuse and has a ridiculous amount of dents to prove it. The paint has a lot of sun damage as well and it's almost all dull (It used to be a dark green/blue), but it's no surprise as we live in a desert.

We took it to a mechanic after and he saw some frame damage from 3 different car accidents and told us the whole truck was off center, and because of this the shocks wear out more on one side and we have to align it every couple of years or else it drifts really badly to the right.

It has 270,856 miles on it and the only major repairs were replacing the starter and gas pump back in 2005.

I've owned it for 3 years now and it has held up beautifully. I installed a new radio+sound system which set me back about $450 but is well worth it.
I admit I've won a few races with it and never have I felt . I can see why the other drivers laugh at it and ask if I really want to enter "that" into the race. I have the last laugh though, the engine is amazing and the money I win goes into the "paint job" and "fix the a/c" fund.
(These are small country-road races that are a lame attempt at drag racing out on my dad's ranch that never go over 80MPH and the prize is usually $35 so it'll take awhile before I get to paint it)
Now I realize it's dangerous but I honestly feel safe in this hunk of metal.

The inside can get very hot though, even though I always park in the shade it seems to trap a lot of heat, a lot more than other cars.
I'm meticulous with it's maintenance though and can easily see it reaching 300K.
I don't ever see myself selling it to someone else or to a junkyard where it will rust and get ripped apart.
I love this bat sh*t crazy truck and will keep driving it until I either wrap it around a tree or the repair cost of something is too much, and even then I'll save it so my grandchildren can restore it or something.
I've owned my truck for about 10 years it is a 1992 Dodge Dakota LE V6 this truck has served me well numerus trippes to the dump over the years it's value hs not dropped much, sense I purchased it. Really any majore repairs just, I had the transmission overhauld at about 100,000 miles then just regular oil changes and tuneups. This truck is great.
I freakin love this truck. Bought it off my grandpa for $500 summer 07, 116k miles. Now spring '11, almost 150k and engine still running strong- 180hp V6 beats my boyfriend's 410hp supercharged V8 2001 Tundra off the line but he's got me on top speed. Hauled about 1000lbs in the bed thru the NC/TN mountains like it was nothing, Drove nonstop loaded down 26hrs from NC to CO when I moved and it had no problem, didnt even come close to overheating. Yes its old and it still needs work and a serious paintjob, but its so easy to work on I've been able to replace everything myself except the catalytic converter and the clutch with nothing more than a haynes manual and advice from the guys at advance auto. No special tools, no taking to a dealer to plug into a computer for trouble codes, and parts are so cheap I can afford performance parts. NC taxes on it are pocket change ($8 and change last year! lol), and insurance is definitely affordable.

2stars for body/interior because previous owners didnt take care of it and it could use a serious facelift, and bench seat is uncomfortable after 2+hrs, (no prob during long trips in family car).
4stars for brakes only cuz rear are drums, I replaced everything (except master cylinder) a couple months ago for $500 including calipers pads drums springs shoes and lines. Performance parts up front, store-brand in the back.
No electrical problems whatsoever yet so 5stars for that.
5stars for engine, reasons stated above.
Barely smokes in below zero weather once its warmed up, never failed a test so 5stars for emissions.
Mine didnt come with a/c, and heater coil burned out winter 2009, and air still comes thru vents at highway speeds even when fans are off so 3 stars for heating/air.
Turning radius kinda sucks, and ride can be rough when bed is empty, but struts are still original so suspension/steering will get 4 when I replace those with off-road quality.
Bottom line- love it, love it, love it, and even when the engine finally goes, i'll still replace it and keep driving it til the floor rusts out from under my feet. And then I'll replace that too! Lol
I bought my 1993 Dodge Dakota 6 cylinder 3.9 almost a year ago and have never been happier with a used vehicle. I can not stop myself from saying out loud that, " I fricken love this truck" nearly every time I drive it. I have had to do the little things, serpentine belt, plugs & wires, cap & rotor, nothing big. I am certainly no mechanic, but have had no problem working on this truck. The engine compartment is spacious and the little things, like, not a spark plug that you cannot get to, make it even more lovable. I have even started doing my own oil changes at home just to spend quality time with a vehicle that is so good to me. 156,000 miles and runs like a champ! The only complaint I might have is that it makes wide right turns.
4x4 HD v8. AC failed at under 100K. Current mileage 204,000. original engine/trans. No major drive train problems. Radio failed at about 100K. Mechanically very reliable. Steering very loose since about 125K.