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1991 Dodge Dakota (2 Reviews)
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I just bought this 91 Dakota truck for 950.00. I have always been a Dodge truck fan. The truck needed some minor things and I fixed them. I am now so happy with this truck. I could notand still can not believe how nice this truck runs and how sturdy it is. I love it! One small problem though, a small ticking noise around engine. I have yet to check it but will soon. Over all nice truck. I would definitely buy another Dakota of any year.
I have a 1991 Dodge Dakota Sport 5.2 which has been amazing. I
bought it as a demo with 5K miles on it. Local auto parts
counter guys laughed at me when they seen me driving it to their
business. They said they beat the hell out of it, and did break
torque starts with it. I did bring it back to the dealer several times in 91-92 for ticking noises and I found it was just dirty
oil in a lifter as they never changed the oil in the first 5200
miles even after I bought it. I've had 3000 lbs of cement bags
and numerous other heavy stuff in the back in the 20 years I've owned it. Mostly all normal maintenance except Left rear seal leak
caused breaking problems. Computer changed when my daughter used it and it wouldn't start using a booster charger the dude blew the computer ( voltage regulator ) and the alternator and wiring into
the alternator and recently after 18 years AC blew a seal at the
condenser as my daughter used the truck during the winter and had
the compressor switch engaged all winter. I was away and had my jeep to drive at the time.everything else works fine and nothing
else has been replaced or worked on. Original engine ( burns no
oil in my 1 year oil changes( "Amsoil of course" since new )original trans and rear end ( Amsoil in there too ) I have 150 K
showing on odometer but odometer wasn't working for 5 years before
I fixed it. Sorry to all the people that have trouble with American metal. I don't baby this truck either. I'll stick with mopar forever!