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2009 Dodge Charger (2 Reviews)
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When I first got the car my brakes squeaked alot. The dealer replaced the front pads and it still made noise. Replaced the f&r pads and rotors at about 27K I had the front and rear pads and rotors replaced with Raybestos ATF rotors and their heavy duty brakes. Never heard any squeaking since. I have since gone about 33K miles and the rear brakes wore out and the fronts are still at 7/32. Left the same rotors (they were turned for the new brakes). Have a slow shift when the car is cold. Steering wheel continues a rubbing sound. This vehicle is a police sedan with the 5.7 and it goes. The car is strong a solid.
how to repair water line on my dodge charger 2.7 engine it leaks coolant very slow