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2008 Dodge Charger (6 Reviews)
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Brakes went at 19,000 refused to cover warrenty numerous ball joints, tie rods issues under recall for igintion problems sometime some things like windshield wipers heating do not work. high cost of maintence last american car i will buy
Front ball joints replaced 3 times in two years. Not the problem
now. I got a engine red light and the code reading is P0108
My plate renewal is 10/30/12 and I've got the pass an E-check.
What can I do to correct this problem. I'm no mechanic to these
newer cars. Can you advise me, what to do. Thanks Joe
How much can it cost me to replace the motor of an 08 Dodge Charger?Advice greatly needed please and will be highly appreciated.
my 2008 charger with large v6 and 160,000 miles. When you start the car first thing in the morning the valves rattle on the right bank of the motor. I know the guy that put the first 150k miles on and he said it did it since day one. Dodge says they dont know what is wrong but the parts manager says a common problem pertaining to a oil tube that runs down through the top of the valve train. Question is recall/ rapair both sides at once/ or go to another dealer or fix it myslef. I have been a ford mechanic most of my life so am capable.
My 2008 dodge chargers air doesnt work all the time. It will start out working like it should then the air starts blowing up into the dash instead of out the vents. The air is still cold however. Then after the car has been turned off for a while the air starts working normal again.
Windows fog horribly when all passengers are in the car. Heating / defrosting system does not work very well. Looks cool, smells good, neat to drive, BUt... not comfortable for longer trips. Might trade in later for a camaro or another auto brought back to life.