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2003 Dodge Caravan (2 Reviews)
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2003 regular Caravan, SXT, now 75K miles. Chrysler definitely value engineers this vehicle. Clunky sway bar links, door lock issues, lots of plastic inside and out, paint does not buff out well, but is standing up to the sun, dual sliding doors are nicely done, and the window tint is excellent. Easy to clean and care for. I knocked the EVAP canister sensor pump off at the beach, has anyone else seized lug nuts, or was that just Firestone service? Replaced the headlights as units as they were glazed, parts are generally affordable. Now the blower motor makes noise and it may be a clogged duct? Hard to believe, the inside coils are clean. Careful if you put aftermarket speakers in the doors, that they clear the window slider. Gas mileage could be better. It coasts very well.
I bought the van with 54,000 miles on itit now has over 120,000 miles the first problem I had was the water pump , but other than that I've had only minor repairs on it , brakes etc. just resently had to replace the sway bar bushings but thats after all those miles good car ,change the oil every 3,000 miles.