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2000 Dodge Caravan (7 Reviews)
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Bought her new Jan. 2000. Love, love, love this van. It drives and rides like a dream. Great mileage...25mpg on the road. I wish I could purchase one like it new but the "shorty" is no longer made. I have only 83,000 miles on her so far...I shouldn't need a new one for a long time. I go camping in her, haul furniture and lumber and whatever I need. Just had her detailed at Medford Lithia Dodge and she looks great. I have low profile wheels and tires on her and she looks super going down the road.
i love my 2000 dodge caravan,but lately i have had 3 rebuilt power steering pumps put on and it is still having issues,im at a lost as what to do!! but i still love my van...
2000 dodge caravan speedometor quit working slowed down to make a turn engine died started back up went to make another turn engine died again .if anyone can help
My 2000 Dodge Caravan is wonderful. bought it used with 40,000 miles on it and it now has 250,000 miles on it. It has been across country twice. We have never had to replace anything until a month ago when we had to replace fuel filter, fuel pump and alternator. Still running great! I love this van! i wouldn't mind having another one.
I brought this Van used and 3month in the Transmission started giving me problems then leaking oil and transmission oil now she is sitting in my parking space..
it is a good vehicle. I would not mind buying another one.
still runs great love my van