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1999 Dodge Caravan (4 Reviews)
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I bought this 1999 Van Caravan new in Dec 1998. I have kept it serviced and changing oil every 4000 miles. I have 248000 miles on it, replaced transmission at 231000 miles replaced water pump 232000 miles replaced radiator at 233000 miles and replaced fuel pump at 247000 miles other than the usual upkeep and maintence This vehicle has really served me well.I would not hesitate to buy another but I probably couldn't get the service out of it that I got out of this one, I`ve never had a problem with the air conditioner, altanator or any other problem.
This car has been remarkably reliable and is the most comfortable, practical car I've ever owned. I hope I can get it to run forever! Would not hesitate to buy it again and recommend it to anyone.
This is my 4th Chrysler made mini van, my first was a 1986 and I've had one ever since. They have all been great autos and have gotten better with each new year. When it becomes time to get rid of this one, I won't hesitate to purchase another one. The new ones look awesome and the the fold down seats make it easier to create storage space.
Very good, still has original exhaust and air conditioner has never had any problems. Some rust around slider and front driver's door.
Runs Great!