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1995 Dodge Caravan (2 Reviews)
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My Van has sat for four years from 2009 to 2014 and for the most part, the only thing I had to do was replace all 4 tires. It has 100,000 miles and motor runs GREAT! Really RELIABLE vehicle, for sure! New Tune Up and Oil change and she is as good as new! Starts on the first half crank! I recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a good reliable transportation; it still has at least 150,000 miles left on her to go! Great Job Dodge! I still see allot of the 95 models driving around as testimony of how reliable they really are!
This is the worst engineered vehicle I have ever owned. Have had to replace both front drive axles due to problems with ABS sensors at cost of almost $1600. Just replaced brake line which had been poorly positioned. Shocks and struts seem to wear out quickly. Seat belt does not retract properly and hangs down far enough to get caught in driver's door. This has caused a crack in the body where the door hinge attaches which, in turn, has caused the trim to fall off the door. Button to shut off overdrive is located between rear window wiper button and rear window defrost button. Problems with drive axles and ABS have led to failure of transfer case bearing. Engine still runs well at almost 200K miles but would like to throw the rest of this lemon away.