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2007 Dodge Caliber (7 Reviews)
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Worst car I have bought in 20 years, 2 Years ago I bought this car with only 50,000 miles, so far i have changed more parts to this vehicle then all the vehicles I ever had in my life since i was 20, it is ridiculous, this is the worst place I definitely DO NOT RECOMEND THIS CAR DEALER TO ANYONE FRIENDLY FORD LAS VEGAS ON DECATUR Blvd, PLEASE DONT GO THERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT!! 1st month after I bought it $125 for a new battery, 7 months after I bought it I change the alternator pulley $102 part only, after 11 moths I bought it, change the motor mount 3 of them for $195 parts only, after 14 month I bought it, driver window stop working,16months after passenger window broke in addition to all this problems now as 08/10/15 I have a gas leak WTF??? I am so sick of this vehicle and so tired of fixing it with all the problem I am having with this vehicle is ridiculous, I feel I got majorly ripped off!!!!
Bought my caliber used, best thing about it is the stereo, it's like the Pinto of Dodge. Disappointed, disgusted and done with Dodge!
JUNK, is all i can say. The first new car I ever bought paid $19,000 in 06 for it and had nothing but problems. To many to list. just hope it helps someone for making the same mistake, as i did...
This has been the best car for my daughter. I bought it used in 2008 (its a 2007 model), as it was a rental car. It now has almost 150K miles on it, we've only had to replace the spark plugs and front brakes and rotors on it just this past year, and this year we are currently replacing the front struts and back shocks. This car has taken care of my daughter through highschool and now school/work. She drives the hell out of it and it has even taken her across country twice to various places in the U.S. on week long driving expeditions. I'm currently looking for another one for my 16 year old daughter. It is a front-wheel drive car, however it manuvers in the snow rather well. We put on Dodge magnum stock wheels and tires to raise it up off the ground a few inches (my stock wheels that came on my magnum bolted right on to the Caliber). A GREAT CAR!
I bought my 2007 Dodge Caliber when it was brand new in March, 2007. It is the perfect size for me and what I use it for - going to work and golfing. The only problm that I had with it was the Tire Presure Monitoring system acted up on me a couple of years ago. I had to have the battery disconnect at about that time and when it was reconnected the problem went away and has not come back (3 years ago). I have just about 100,00 miles on it, had the battery replaced once, 1 new set of tires - that's it, except for the usual oil changes, which I do about every 4 months or so - well past the requested 3,000 miles. The only other issue I have ios that occasionally the CVT drive kind of slips, but I have never repalced the transmission fuid, either. All in all, this is the best car I have ever owned from a usage perspective. I've had quieter cars (Cadillacs) and smoother riding cars, but I love driving this car. I drive it around 55 mph on the jhighways, usually, but at times run it up to 75 or 80, when the need arises. It gets good gas mileage (about 30 - 33 at 55 mph).
I am not really impressed with this car and i do regret buying it. I should have stuck with my grand ams. I miss my grand am. Would still have it, if it hadnt caught fire on me.
The interior is sheap (plastic all over)