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2011 Dodge Avenger (4 Reviews)
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this is so crazy! i have a 2010 and my trunk does the same thing.. So much for having storage or a place to put your groceries or shopping bags!!!
good car over all, but the trunk fills with water every time it rains, and that the trunk lid not the inside of the car. so when i oped it the water dumps out through the latch that locks it shut.
how funny, my 2011 dodge avenger has the same issue. the third time they touched up the paint, they added tape over it on both sides of the bumper and it has helped,but it looks stupid..bad design for sure
I bought my 2011 in February of this year. And I love this car. With ONE exception. The paint won't stay on it. I got the shiny new red, and where the side panels meet the bumbers, the paint will not stay on due to rubbing/vibration while driving. All in all my car has been in the shop for one month already (out of the 10 I have owned it) for paint issues. Now, the bumper and trunk are rubbing and it has fully rubbed the paint off the trunk (to the metal) and scratched the bumper all up. The craziest part of it all? Not that it's still under warranty and I shouldn't have anything to worry about, not that the car doesn't even have 10700 miles on it... No. The craziest thing is that Dodge has told me today they are done paying for my paint issues, that it's not their fault it's the dealers. Never, ever again will I buy a Dodge product.