1996 Dodge Avenger Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Dodge Avenger owners review and rate their 1996 Dodge Avenger.

1996 Dodge Avenger (2 Reviews)
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I spent all day on replacing the rubber seals to my lower manifold that the fuel injectors seat into and still I smell gas?
i have owned my car for 4 years now. i love this car. i have had it in places i thought a car would never go...and still not tore anything under it up, the moter is great. my car just need a few sensors and minor work on the body(beneath the doors) but other than that it drives good, it handles pretty good..better than most..o far it has not let me down . the transmission hasn't slipped a bit and the interior is in exlannt shape. i love my car but i need mony so plz. either give me advise or come get ol' red! alsoi have a killer raido !!! also it get great gas milage and it is awsome!