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2010 Chrysler Town & Country (3 Reviews)
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Seventh Chrysler minivan in our household, and this 2010, like two others, has a trans problem. Three times in dealer to fix, each time a three day wait for parts/assembly, but not fully resolved. Yes, this is the third time! Driver's seat wearing fast, due to cheap material. Four light bulbs have burned out. Constant flow of warm air from vents, apparently air being heated by engine, even when on 'cold' setting. Hook to hold clothes in back seat, broke !! I've had it, with these Chrysler vans !! Last one in our home.
van feels like it has a light miss between 20/ drove van twice.said codes were all o k. i was told the transmission converter was what was causing it . they told me they could not do any repair unless there was a recall on that problem. it has the 6 speed, 3.8 with 14k on it. gas milage is also low.if you have had this problem e mail me. thanks
rotors went bad at 20,000 miles.