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2008 Chrysler Town & Country (25 Reviews)
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I bought car new, have had it 7 years and 86,700 miles. Replaced
Brakes and Rotors at 56,000 miles, had trans flushed at 60,000 miles
Only problem I've had is my leather seats have vinyl on bolsters ,
driver seat bolster cracked after this last really cold winter. Car
had 80,000 miles on it.I got rid of the original garbage YOKOHAMA tires at 35,000 miles, put on Cooper 's and there still perfect. I do
maintain it well, and it has taken my wife and I all over the country, and 26-28 mpg on highway. Everything still works perfect on it. I am
going to trade it in on a new Dodge journey AWD , after the last few
I have a 2008 town and country I having problems with oil consumption.every 800 miles the oil level show empty and I have this problem since I have 35.000 miles now I have 50.000 the dealer say it's normal.never ner buy a Chrysler. U
I've had mine for awhile an in am scare after reading these statements I haven't had any problems yet except ratator replaced I think it's called behind the front gate.... now Im too in to me very caution...
We bought this minivan new. This year it developed a problem where it would sporadically not start. I read a couple other reviews here which sound similar so I wanted to post on how we resolved this. There would be power and the dash lights would go on, but it appeared that no power would reach the starter. If you waited a while the problem would then go away. We went through a number of repairs that did not fix the problem. Finally after researching online we found some similar complaints and had the Transmission Range Sensor replaced. Even though the dealer said they saw no problem with the sensor it has been one month now and the problem has not reoccurred.
Have 95K miles but three major problems. Radio works only when it wants to. Sliding doors work only when they want to. And drinks oil like its going out of style. No oil leaks. Ready to trade!
This is in reference to our 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Limited with the 4.0L V6. We paid $19,000.00 for it with 22K miles on it. This vehicle was a bargain for us considering its mileage and condition along with many features Power seats front and back, stow & go, video entertainment system with wireless headphones, navigation, loud audio system, that stores hundreds of cds in its memory, tandem dual dvd players, heated seats thoughout, moon-roof, back-up camera, parking sensors and big motor. For a 5 year old car at the time of our purchase, the exterior fit & finish was very good. Paint quality was high. Ours is the dark cranberry color with chrome clad wheels. Overall exterior is nice. Interior is inviting and luxurious looking with bone-colored leather seats and faux wood panels. We've had this vehicle for 2 years now. The auto-start feature is excellent, the power features list in this model is long and they all work as they should. All power doors & locks work well. All windows, vent windows and moonroof open and close properly without issue. GRIPES: I'm 6' tall so for me the front seats don't go back enough. The HVAC vents are in odd places though with limited swivels and aims for me. OVERALL: It's a very nice van with a smooth ride and lots of luxury features and appointments. The motor is very powerful. The 4.0 moves this minivan with authority. PROBLEMS: Not many to date with the exception of the following; The car has failed to start 2 times immediately after we purchased it. It seems to have only happened just after the car was turned off. Tried to start it and only dash lights illuminated with no power going to the starter, we changed the battery in the combo remote control key and the issue has yet to occur again and we never had it diagnosed. We thought the A/C was in need of a charge as the car's interior is not staying cool as it should. After we tested the A/C system pressure ourselves, we learned that the level was correct and that the compressor was working properly. We discovered the culprit was a very dirty cabin air filter, of which is located directly behind the glove box, easily accessible and quickly changed it ourselves with no tools needed. It took less than a minute to change this filter and now the A/C blows strong and cold. The under-mounted spare tire fell off while the vehicle was in motion, however, we don't know if it's a defect or a previous owner error in remounting it. The passenger side power door would not open or close when we tried using the touch button to do so. Then the dash info screen would display "obstruction detected" Upon close inspection we found that the previous owner's passengers must have spilled juice or soda inside the car which apparently made contact with the rubber door seal causing the door to stick to the seal when they made contact with one another. The problem was corrected by just cleaning the seal and the door. The black upper portion of the rear bumper has warped from the sun that it sometimes inhibits the power rear lift gate from opening. An easy fix for us though. The transmission is of concern to us though. We noticed that when the gear selector is placed in Drive, there is sometimes a harsh engaging causing a brief shutter. However, I did notice that this harsh engagement with the transmission being placed in Dirve from reverse can be avoided by waiting about 4 seconds before placing the the car in Drive and after the engine has been given a little time to warm-up. Very convenient for us. The stow & go feature is great, we can transform our mini van into a cargo van with a completely flat floor as all seats stow away perfectly into the vans floor. Overall, we are please with our purchase. We prefer not to buy new and will only buy low mileage vehicles that are straight & clean. We'd NEVER jump on the first deal. We did much research before committing, hence we'd only buy this make of minivan with the optional 4.0 motor. We believe that a smaller motor would be too stressed with all seats and A/C in use in Vegas summers. To date our van has 47,050 miles on it and it's still working fine for us and our 3 kids.
I have to say this van has been one of the worst owner experiences of my life. Paying 45K for such a lemon makes me sick to think about. Besides the dishonesty of the sales staff when purchasing this thing, we have had nothing but problems. First off, the brakes need to be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 miles..basically once a year with how much we drive. I have replaced the brakes on my Toyota two times in 12 years compared to five times in the last six years with the same amount of mileage as the Town and Country. The AC has gone out three times costing me over $3,000 just in the last two years. The engine cooling system has blown twice tacking on another $2,000 in repairs not to mention the complete inconvenience of having to tow the thing and rent a car while they try to fix it. One of the biggest inconveniences, though, has been the constant electrical issues, not knowing if the car will actually start because of the "glitches", also experienced by my father and his dodge SUV...and of course the dealer always says "it's fixed" after paying them a fortune, just to return a couple of months later with the same issue...but of course they say it's "something different" causing the same problem and costing me more money? Very peculiar. Finally, it is extremely annoying to listen to water slosh around in the sliding side door from it filling with rain water and not draining properly. I will never purchase or recommend a Chrysler vehicle again!
after 6month of purchase van door would not shut until it got ready, than it made the battery go dead. Van was overheating, needed a holes replace. and to put the topping on the cake while driving it will shut down when it want to and it will not go. It starts but when you put in drive or any gear it will not go until it decide you can drive again with a rubbing sound when you put it in gear, it stop when it is in park. sure now a chyslar dealer can't seem to find nothing that computer is saying wrong with it than they say give me extra 600 to go deeper. some say it is the transmission, it is electrical, the computer needs replace, some say it is release barren in the motor. so many issue and no solutions. comfortable for children before issues but other than that it is not a bright decision to trust this vehicle maker
Quite possibly the worst vehicle I have ever owned.
Run, Run away fast. Tires, brakes, engine, electrical, radiator leaks and replacement, CV joints. doors , Satellite radio. If its on this Chrysler it needs to be replaced or is about to break. Chrysler needs to be sued over this vehicle. That about sums it up.
Done with chrysler
Just passed 72,000 and have had many recalls and trips to the dealer. Have had problems with the electrical systems, brakes, navigation system, and it's now in the shop again with new problems. I would never buy a Chrysler again. I should have gone with the Honda but wanted to try American after years of avoiding them, big mistake.
At 50,000 miles, it started using oil like it was drinking leaks, just using it. I had the oil changed (at the dealership) at 60,000 miles. At 65,000, 3 days before it was scheduled for its next oil change, it threw a rod. Now the dealership is telling me that I need a new engine, which they want me to pay $5,000 for. So, I have a $30,000 van that is 4 yrs old and now needs a new engine that I'm supposed to pay for. Have american car companies completely lost it? They wonder why people are buying foreign cars?
Oh Boy What a Lemon!!!!!!!

Where do I start. I bought this van new in 2008. Ever since I have replaced brake pads annually. Rotors every other year. It has gone through two sets of new tires. It has NUMEROUS very serious recalls. Two new sets of front wheel bearings. The most recent major fix was this winter at 80,000 miles the head gaskets needed to be redone.

Now on average either the lifetime powertrain warranty or a recall has paid for or reimbursed most of my expenses, but this is getting old. Just this past weekend at a routine oil change I found out about the airbag module that needed to be replaced or whatever that was. Waiting for the parts to come in. Also discovered two new oil leaks. Luckily those are covered by the powertrain warranty. But the kick to the gut was that my front struts are completely shot. This vehicle only has 90,000 miles on it. I have never replaced struts on any vehicle I have ever owned in my life all of which lasted well into 200,000 plus miles before I got something new.

Too say this vehicle has been nothing but a stress would be an understatement. It has since purchase spent on average every 3 to 4 months in the shop for major fixes of one sort or another. Now struts. What are the odds if I just hold out these too will be recalled? ARGH!!!!!!

A warning to anyone considering buying this vehicle used, DO NOT PURCHASE. The only reason I have not sold or traded this vehicle in is I refuse to pass this lemon on and void the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. Chrysler is gonna honor that for life and I'm not gonna let them off the hook for putting out such a piece of crap product by selling this POS to some poor unassuming sap who doesn't know better. :( :( NEVER will I buy another chrysler product and I have been a faithful chrysler owner for over 20 years.
33000 miles on my 2008 touring

Brakes need replacing often, small electrical issues with cutting out stereo, Massive front end problems with struts, brakes, brake sensors, power steering leak, AC hose failed. I have had tons of recalls redone on this van and will be getting rid of it and getting a honda.
Terrible vehicle
Never by Chrysler or Dodge, this was supposed to be the top of the line and for $30k I expected to get several years of worry free driving, I got a constant headache.
we bought this new, had brake pads worn quickly and was recalled and reinbursed. then both sliding doors failed due to plastic guides for the door cables breaking. had a wire harness recall, had a transmission replaced, had a coolant line break and replaced, had front right wheel bearings replaced,now burning excessive oil and no resolution by dealership
Spent the last half of my time (2.5 years) in the dealership waiting room.
Terrible braking system. Have had mine replaced 4 times and rotors twice. Have had 5 Chrysler vans and this is the last.

Lots of recalls and problems. Radio, navigation, brakes, A/C, axels, struts, sway name it....sitting here again waiting for warped rotors to be repaired. At my cost of 210.00.

Never again!!!
WOW.brakes are a big problem all new times two. always make noise and grind will chrysler ever get it.older vans tranny problem and now a rough tranny and bad brakes . not to mention water on your feet when you run the air conditioning . how about standing behind your product.
Have 63k miles on this vehicle. Anyone can look up the recalls....Since the brake pads were replaced under recall at 7,000 miles, I've replace the front pads 3 times and the rear once along with all 4 rotors. I am now getting ready to have a complete brake job done on the front because the front right caliper is seizing and hoses collapsing. The brakes have never worked right. The check engine light is on now as well. Since 30,000 miles, it loses about a quart of oil every 3-4,000 miles. The transmission has always slipped and the dealership says they cannot recreate the issue. I will NEVER buy another Chrysler. The sliding passenger doors stay open frequently.
5648 Miles- Transmission Failure
12,000 - New Brakes (all 4)
7,457 Miles-Needed new Front end struts...etc..
15,820 Miles- Needed windshield resealed (whistling noise)
15,820 MIles- Key Fob failed
20,625 Miles - Power Module/Power Train Module Failed
40,000 Miles- Motor Mounts need to be relplaced
I've owned 8 Dodge vehicles, never a Chrysler...This is my last.
Would only recommend this car to people I really disliked.
at 500mile, driver side sliding door would not close, had to close manually, flash of door motor repaired this, but problem came back at least 3 months later for both sliding doors, at 10,000mile, brakes needed to be replaced, have replaced brakes three more times since, at 20,000mile, electrical problems are occuring alot, vehicle will not start, have to wait 30 to 40mins before it will start up again, function disabled message on dash appears when trying to open sliding doors/liftgate, etc., dealer is unable to fully repair this problem. Will not buy another chrysler again!
Has some problums
Mileage 48,000. The overall build quality of this vehicle is acceptable, very few rattles and groans compared to some vehicles. However, the brakes are weak relative to the vehicles size and fade quickly, replaced three sets of OE pads and rotors in 40,000 miles. The radio and electrical system is fickle at best, reception is terrible on the radio, and the electrical system in general contains all of Chrysler's electrical gremlins i.e. radio randomly shutting off, trouble with power windows, wipers, gauges failing, etc. At 45,000 miles the transmission is beginning to slip and CV axles are shot. At 30,000 miles the rear struts failed, and the steering has been sluggish since day 1 compared to other models. The rear AC lines run exposed under the vehicle to the back unit, and are easily damaged by any debris on the road, I have replaced these lines twice since purchase.

Overall very poor quality vehicle would not purchase again and would not recommend.
Brakes worn out at about 17,000 miles
Delear told me 2 bring in my keys because they had a defect part could come loss in side replace both no charge
ac hose broke twice 2 summers the 3 hose replace with a longer one
Front brakes replaced after only 21k miles of conservative driving...unacceptable