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2007 Chrysler Town & Country (20 Reviews)
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I just had to register to comment on our 2007 signature series van.110,000 miles..I am amazed that anyone has a 2007 Chrysler van that is good..We had one of the first Dodge vans and was satisfied but these are the problems we have had with this one !.. Replaced radiator,Front Rotors( warped) , all brake pads,Rt sliding door lock motor, repaired Lt sliding door wiring harness 3 times for breaks in wires, replaced both front wheel speed sensors,(Drivers side sliding door lock motor failed today) Road noise is bad, Uses 1qt per 1000 miles,Trans slaps into low gear jerking everyone, Engine knocks when cold, Loud whining noise in engine area now( Maybe power steering pump) ,Front left side pops loudly when first backing out, underpowered compared to Toyota and Honda vans.(a lot of these problems happened before 50,000 miles. Chrysler has lost me as a customer in the future and according to a lot of the post /they have lost quite a few more.They have given American cars a bad name. As a mechanic I know that Vans are machines that will have some problems but come on ,this is over the top! I feel sorry for the people that cant repair their own and have dumped their money into these pieces of junk. I would love to see a class action law suit against this company for their lack of responsibility towards their customers ! FOOL ME ONCE, NEVER AGAIN!
Great van
Bought this town & country used with 16m on it. Never had any major problems except general maintenance. I have used this van work loading it up beyond its capacity and with 145m its still running smooth.
Bought this vehicle with less the 800 miles on it six years ago, now at 65,000 miles. I have replaced the front brakes 3 times, water pump, radiator pitcock, alternator.
Peeves about vehicle
1. Steering column inside of vehicle squeeks when turning if air temperature is under 85 degrees F. Teflon spray no help.
2. Dome lights overheat and burn sockets.
3. Slight fuel leak at top of fuel tank.
4. Power socket bad after a few uses.
5. Dash shrinking and separating from sun, although garaged when at home.
6. Arm rest on driver seat seems same material as dash, all cracked.
7. Sliding door inside plastic panels are not covered from factory unless you bought upgrade.
8. Horrible setup on coolant overflow, and defective pit cocks on radiator from factory.
9. Rear shocks make scraping sound when cooler weather.

So disappointed. Got this minivan at a great price and with very low miles. Pretty soon I started having problems with the power windows blowing a fuse for no apparent reason. Then the steering column needed to be replaced. Then the lift gate bar broke I also have one of the sliding doors that randomly closes when you try and open it and the sensor doesn't work well and now the transmission has blown and the car only has 63,000 miles on it. NEVER buying one again!!!
bought our town and country used in oct 2011.good car but after we put close to 20,000 miles on van it started using oil. plug up cat converter.had enine tore down. 1 burnt's value and rings where leaking oil.
we did buy warrenty but the company wouldn't stand buy it saying it was ware not defect. so much for buying warrenty that stated the repair eninge.
new motor on the way. i will be glad to have it back on the road. it only had 108,000 miles on her
Im in shock reading some of the other reviews. I guess ill knock on some wood too. I bought this 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Touring with 95k miles in November of 2012. Even though i havent owned it that long, i have not seen a single problem, love it actually.Great fuel economy as high as 33 on level roads and with no head winds, in most case i get 18 around city driving and 27-29 on the highway. It has a pretty powerful 3.8 and im proud that the same 5 quarts that i put in is the same that come out. Loves the stow n go seating. I can go one with other great things of this van but dont want to piss off the ones that bought bad ones. Hope they dont ever buy a bad lunch, they may not ever eat again lmfao.
Bought this LX van used in 2010. Have had no major problems. changed brakes once. changed a burnt out overhead light. Love everything about it except for the gas mileage averaging 16 city miles. I wish I could improve that some how. It handles the road very nice. People that ride with me says it's a smooth riding van. It's also great for hauling sheet rock and other supplies. It's just great overall. keeping it tuned up,changing eng /trans oils regularly making sure all fluid levels are proper helps it to stay in good shape.For those that have been disappointed maybe they need to see how they are treating their van. I'm blessed.
Also, what engineer designs a cooling system with this old 1970's style coolant "siphon" resiviour old 1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet convertible has a coolant resiviour where the resiviour cap IS the coolant cap and the resiviour sits above the radiator level, so if the coolant resiviour is full, then the radiator is full....duhhh, when will these american engineers wake up?
I own a "Limited Edition" and have no complaints about the engine's performance (quite good actually), heating, A/C, suspension, and the steering with the right tires is very good too.

The brakes are abysmal. 3 sets of front rotors in less than 70,000 miles and the 4th set is starting to warp. I did find a vented disk for this vehicle that I will use on the next replacement.

Sadly, the transmission has a "slap" in it (same behavior my 1976 Dodge Charger had - probably the same transmission) when rolling on acceleration from 2mph to 5mph and it FAILED completely on 1/16/13 losing forward and reverse.

This is my 9th car, 3rd and last American made car. Seems the words of Thomas Paine borrowed by Lee Iacocca in the '80s prevails - time for American car makers to just get out of the way...
I love the 2007 T & C van. I have 63,000 miles on it and only had to replace brakes, tires, wiper blades, the battery, and a few bulbs. No big deal. The van has good power, brakes are fantastic, and the overall reliability is wonderful. I read the other reviews of people who've had problems and I guess it's possible that other people could have a different experience. Usually only disatisfied people take the time to post about a product. That's sad, because it's not a true indicator of the whole picture. I will most certainly purchase another T & C in the future!
This is a mini van not a Ferrari, I read all the comments on handling and braking. I have 110,000 miles on a 2007 T&C Touring and it is doing good by us. The paint is all intact because we have it cleaned regularly. I read people that say the paint stinks, try and wash it on a regular basis. If you skip a shower or two do you stink of course you do. I also love the one comment about price, if you couldn't get a better deal on it and cant afford it don't buy it. I got a screaming deal on mine and it will resell for about a third of what I bought it which that's a decent number considering miles and wear and tear. I got $9k off the sticker price when I purchased it NEW in 2007.
I could give a Zero but is not an option. I had several problems with this 2007 T&C, we paid so much money for this vehicle is not worth it, the ac control module had to be replaced the ac system repaired, the transmission selenoid changed, the speakers replaced, window sometimes don't work, the rear ac system was already replaced in Florida but it quit working again, the paint is pealing here and there.I'm tired of going back to the dealer and had to pay each time more and more. We regret buying this van. The retail value to sell this van is not even the third amount of money we paid for this @#$%^&*
My Last Chrysler ever. Bought into the buy american hype and the red white and blue flag hanging over their Auburn Hills Headquarters. Chrysler makes crap, it's that simple, the company is run by beancounters who source business only based on price, they could care less about quality or where the part is made. Parkway dealership in Macomb Mi did nothing for me, leaking transmission, leaking engine oil, 1000 A/C repair, vehicle under 70,00 miles. What a shame, they lost a customer for life.
Initially when i got it from the dealership it was ok. But then i had to bring it back to the dealership due to a transmission kick when downshifting. they adjusted something in the computer right there and then i said what a piece of junk. Suspension and handling is very poor, even when braking it feels that the front brakes is the only one working but, when i had it in the shop and complain about the problem they said it was ok that there were no problem. i bought the van due to family is getting big and i felt that it was safe for my family but like i said suspension and handling sucks. i dont have the piece of mind when my wife drives this van esp when the kids are in also.
I agree with so many, my 2007 chrysler town and country is the worst vehicle I ever bought brand new. It's 2011 and already replaced catalytic convertor, paid for both electric doors to be fixed, door latch on driver side door replaced, brakes make constant noise,gas mileage is awful. DVD player had to be replaced, at least that was still under warranty. Paint on inside front seat door handles started chipping almost within months.When my front dome lights went out, I went to replace bulbs and the connections were melted, ridiculous amount to replace, so I just have no dome lights. I will never buy anything else even related to a chrysler. Expensive lesson learned. It's bad to not have finished paying for something and not be sure it's even going to last that long.
Biggest piece of useless car I've ever owned. Chrysler mechanics seem to be incompetent or lazy. Car is getting 8 to 10 mpg, yet dealership says, "the computer says nothing is wrong", yet I am still getting 170 to 210 miles per 20 gal tank of gas. In a 2000 Chev Venture it was 400 to 430 miles per 20 gal tank. Been into the dealers 7 times, yet they cant seem to fix the problem. Trim and door gaskets coming off.
I bought a new 2000 T&C LX in 2000. Just replaced the radiator and water pump. Engine and Transmission orginal. Just turned 253,000.

My wife drives a 2007 T&C but the quality is not built into this one.
Bought brand new in 2007. Touring model. Brake problems, rotor problems, wheels are pitting and chipping, sliding doors never work right, front passenger window sticks in the down position often,rear ac quit working, airbag light has been on for 30,000 miles been to dealer numerous times problems always come right back,tv/dvd player works ok but tv wont stay in closed postion when not in use, weird high pitched engine noise. Basically this is a $31,000 piece of crap. Chrysler makes a horrible product that they cant even fix !!!! Never Again!
I would give zero stars, but this site won't let me. We have a Limited, and its a complete piece of crap. 50K on ours, and it's had been in to repair leaky oil gaskets, electrical problems (sliding doors and heated seats), and twice to fix rear a/c. I hope no one ever has to change a flat on a highway, because the spare can only be accessed from the driver's side. Worst vehicle we have ever owned. I wish I'd known that Chrysler had hired all the engineers from Yugo when that company folded. I rue the day that we were suckered into to buying this turd on wheels.
Will never buy another chrysler product, Less than 40,000 miles and no cold air, brakes and rotors needs replaced for the 2nd time Front struts need replaced. What a piece of junk.