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My wife and I bought the 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Touring NEW. What a big mistake! Listed below are some of the problems and fixes that had to be down to this P.O.S. I will never buy another Chrysler vehicle again.
1.After just 30000 miles, the front brake pads were worn down also the brake rotors are so cheap they had to be replace, unable to turn them not even once.
2.Around the 50000 mile mark the Driver side electric slider door would not operate. I had to replace the wire harness and also the locking module.
3.About 65000 miles the Alternator went bad and took out the battery, had that replaced and then the PCM module was the cause for a major squealing noise.
4.At 95000 miles the Passenger side window control motor stopped working. Again, like always, I replaced it.
5.At 110000 miles the headlights would flicker and stay off for about 2-3 minutes, sometimes while driving. Also numerous times the lights would be on while the vehicle was off and sitting in the driveway. Replaced the headlight switch module and that took care of the problem.
6.At 114000 miles, there is a loud noise coming from the engine bay, when the steering wheel is turned, the steering pump sounds horrible. I found that the Power Steering Reservoir has a filter on the bottom inside the container. If it is dirty it doesn't allow the fluid to pass through especially during the colder months. What a royal pain to get to the #10 nut on the back side of the bottom of the reservoir. Once replaced that horrible noise disappeared.
7.At this same 114000 miles, the driver front low beam light wont come on. The high beams work fine, so replaced that bulb and still the same problem. Researching the possible problems, I read it might be the Front Control Module, not too sure since this has just happened and unable to figure it out yet. Most of these problems I have fixed myself, I know if I took it to the dealership, I've would have spent thousands.
Like I stated in the beginning. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHRYLER OR DODGE AGAIN!!!!!
I purchased a Limited with 55k in July 2013.. I have 60k on it now (Dec 2013). This thing has turned me into a driveway mechanic...

It rides and drives great... when it runs and I'm not chasing mechanical issues with it. Driving it off the lot, I experienced a shudder at about 40mph--- the selling dealer split the cost of replacing the Torque Converter, which fixed the shudder. Apparently there is a service bulletin on it--- it isn't a safety issue, but is annoying as heck. The only reason the dealer wouldn't do it for free is b/c they had to fix a load of other issues that surfaced on the drive home as well-- E.g., Check engine light (EVAP leak-Solenoid), side door lock & auto-close issues (bad wiring harnesses), bad wheel bearing, etc. They didn't have a return policy- obviously, but made lemonade out of the apparent lemon. I'm now adding vodka after 6-months and 5k miles.

About a week after the dealer said 'enough, you're on your own', another check engine light--> a new EVAP leak... it was roll-over valve on the gas tank... thus I had to install a NEW gas tank. The tube connecting the valve had stretched and wouldn't maintain connection. While I had the tank off, I went ahead and replaced the fuel pump as a preventative measure.

I recently encountered the loud squeal problem some have mentioned-- After checking alignment of the pulleys for serpentine belt, it was the main crankshaft pulley. It was wobbling & out of alignment. After getting the pulley off, I could see the rubber gasket running around it was totally shot-- a new one solved the problem. My wife was thrilled she is no longer heard coming and going from a mile away anymore.

Last week, the EGR valve went bad and kicked a code... it was an easy fix (and cheap @ $45 on amazon), but annoying to see the check engine light... again.

It looks like the previous owner or dealer had replaced the drivers side headlight b/c it is brand new, but the passenger side has so much condensation in it to render it useless. I'm ordering a new one this week.

For those thinking about the Limited for navigation and fancy controls-- I'd say skip it. We use our phones for nav b/c the T&Cs screen is so low (waist high) in the dash and the controls are antiquated. All of the controls in the dash are difficult to see and use- Especially the climate control modules... too many buttons that are all way too low (feels like they're by your shins) to see easily. The center console is a bottomless pit, without cup-holders. For 2006, I'm sure all of this was advanced-- I've just been spoiled by renting a ton of new cars over the past couple of years. Maybe after another 5-10k I'll be used to it all and this won't be as concerning.

Fuel efficiency- we're averaging 17mpg... I expected at least 20mpg for city.

Now to the likes about this van-- as mentioned earlier, we love the drive and ride of the van. It's really comfortable for us and the kids... loads of room in the cockpit. The stow-and-go seats are the core reason we purchased the Town and Country (also looked at Caravans)... they have proven to be everything we hoped for and then some. The 3.8L's power is just enough for getting in and out of traffic in a large metropolis like Houston. With the 4-wheel disc brakes, it has great stopping power.

Overall, we're disappointed in reliability with the issues we've faced in the first six months... I realize it's a used vehicle, but with so few miles, I had higher expectations. Now, I think I know why there are so few miles... it was in the shop half the time.

We're hopeful the hangover from this vodka LEMONade goes away in 2014 and it gives me my weekends back by not needing repairs.

One last note-- We recently rented a 2013 T&C on a family trip and... Chrysler has made good on most of my gripes as it was a great van all around... especially the controls and center console. I'm still searching for a wrecked 2013 so I can buy a cheap center console to attempt to retrofit it into ours!
we bought our van used from a car dealer and it had like 40k on it in 2010 and had problems with the sliding side doors but nothing much of anything else. Now we got almost 90k miles on it and its got a little knocking sound eveytime u start it and goes away and we got a winning noise form the power steering pump but over all we really ant had any major problems yet thank god
wish I had read the reviews before I bought my Chrysler. I don't think I would believe that about the whining sound if I didn't hear for myself. I've taken it to the shop many times and I've been told that is my imagination. Now my alternator is gone. The heater stopped working last winter. Sensor say car is over heating when it's not. I love having a mini van but I think my days of denial about my Chrysler are over.
My van is a "limited".. Yes.. very limited indeed.. from traveling out of town last two years... My complication with my van is that the knocking I'm having after changing out the lifters, bolts,new filters & of course oil ect... cost us around $350 yesterday...It still is tapping, or knocking from below near the driver side and upon acceleration it becomes worse & louder!..Maybe the rods? I'm deeply upset.. Just changed the starter three weeks ago... cost us $120 to repair that new... This has now 98,ooo miles on it and haven't driven more than 1,2oo miles total in over 2 years also... haven't been able to go out of town in my van for over 2 years, due to financial matters unable to repair like we'd like.. I have to borrow a family memebrs vehicle to go more than 15 miles away in fear of this Van crapping the bed on us... we're trying to get this repaired inexpensively without having a new motor in this. We had electrical issues 2 years ago, month after we purchased, where the both slider doors wouldn't open and the van would stall when driving for over 30 minutes.. (nothing to do with fuel pump,or battery,which could cause the stalling) that's repaired..BUT this issue with the ticking/chatter noise is horrible..any idea? rods/bearings??? Thank you ! Mel
I cannot even list all the things that I have had fixed on my CHrysler Town and Country. LEMON! As soon as the warranty went out it started having problem after problem. Currently it has no air conditioning and I live in WV (always hot and humid). I have had things fixed I have never heard of! I will never buy another one. I wish someone would start a lawsuit against Chrysler. They used cheap crap to make our cars and then filed bankruptcy! Ughhhh
Purchased pre-owned with 16K. (By the way, I didn't get the info on the rear evaporator recall, but rarely engage rear a/c ..Hmmm.) Regularly served -- I'm the little old lady you want to buy a car from! Both side door power stopped working around 30K; Front overhead lights about 50K; Evap Code a month ago, and this week lifters quit and engine gone with 2 payments left. When I asked the shop what I did wrong so I'd never make that mistake again, the response "Bought a Dodge (Chrysler)".
Bought used from Carmax in Greensboro, NC w/ 36k miles. Side doors failed 3x and had fixed. DVD player failed and replaced. Noticed rust on back driver side panel at 50k and Carmax won't cover w/ 6yr/60k. Chrysler told me I'm out of luck after we took it to the dealership and sent pics to corporate. It is rusting from the inside and the estimate is $5,400 to fix. Corporate says the warranty went out at 36k and rust isn't covered even though one rep said it's from the evaporator drain. Driving this piece of crap back to Carmax and will let them buy it back. The Chrysler rep was so insincere it made me sick. Never buy Chrysler--they don't stand behind their products and they lie.
Bought used w/ approx 20,000 miles on it, now has 68,000. Always kept fluids up, changed oil/ filter at 3500 miles, belt changed at around 55,000. Both power sliding door units failed at around 35,000- still not right. Drinks oil at rate of 1qt per 750 miles since 55,000 mark. Chrysler said to change pcv valve- did no good. No drips, no colored exhaust or burning smell and no one can tell me where oil is going- turning to sludge perhaps? Tried Seafoam engine flush- no change. Now hearing more and more of a grind from engine- water pump? AC unit? P-steering? Main bearing?... Yet another premature death to a piss-poor vehicle. Will try to pass problems back to a worthless car dealer. Can't see buying another chrysler product anytime soon.
Where do I start...bought it pre-owned from a dealership at 31K and now 3 years later it has 69K on it and this is all that has went wrong since then. At 36K the front air leaked and my extended warranty covered, at 39K the rear air leaked and warranty covered it. At 42K some electrical part went and I complained because the warranty did not cover and I paid $40 to have it fixed. At 45K the entire steering rack need to be replaced at the warranty covered it, now at 69K the catalytic converter is plugged and thankfully the federal law has a coverage on it for 8yrs./80K which I am covered. Right now it is at the dealer and they are ordering the converter and they said it needs brakes, possibly 2 O2 sensors and the left outer tie rod is loose and needs to be replaced and may still need plugs and wires - ARE YOU F'en KIDDING ME? I owe $8,700 on this pig iron called a vehicle and I will be looking to trade it in for a KIA or Toyota - I'm DONE BUYING american....and yes I purposely spelled american in LOWER CASE since their quality is LOWER CLASS!
2006 Chrysler Town & Country
Visitor, Speedwell, TN December 20, 2011 3:27 am
Bought new. Currently has 2001,0950 miles. Just had to replace serpentine belt, water pump, alternator. Other than regular maintenance have had to replace rotors once. Still rides and drives like new. All other repairs because of neglect when family used it for 2 yrs. This is my 2nd T & C. Have to say it has been a great little ride and gets excellent gas mileage. Makes traveling with grandchildren easier and more comfortable, especially with the dvd player. Husband has a 2008 Avenger and has not been so lucky. Everytime we take a lengthy trip in it I wish we had taken the van. I was a former Chevy and Ford owner and went to Dodge and Crysler because of the buyer incentives hubby earned with a 30 yr. career at Diamler. Have been well pleased with the 2 Ram trucks we have owned, 1 Pacifica, 2 stratus, 1 300M, and years ago my Laser(awesome 4cyl,turbo charged,all the goodies) and kept up with a Corvette, Porsche, and much to my then 16 yr old son's dismay, his prized Camaro SS. Held him for 45 minutes on a curvy road because it took the curves faster and better with no sliding. It was all over though, when we hit a 1 mile straight stretch (he smoked me). All in all our experience with the Chrysler T & C could be rated 4 & 5 star.
Bought brand new.Now having the same problem many have had. 58 thou. water pump leaking, serpantine belt all replaced. Auto sliding door went out less than a year but covered by warranty.Brakes & rot. replaced. Ceramic brakes work better. Still rides like the 1st day I drove it off the lot.
Sorry for all of you that have not had good luck with your van. This is our 3rd Chrysler/Plymouth van and it is the BEST car I have EVER owned. Love the storandgo seats, use them often, the ride and mileage are great. Going on 99,000 miles and have only had the injectors cleaned once. Wish I could afford a new one, but am now on SS only. Hope it lasts another 99,000.
We bout this brand new in 2006. The design / layout works great with kids. This is the only good thing I can say. Chrysler and their dealerships do not stand behind their product. And I do not think they can, they would be out of business!

Had the van in several times due to the AC not working, they never fixed the problem just kept recharging it. Finally Chrysler came out with a recall on the rear evaporator and had that replaced under warranty. Sliding door actuator failed at 50K, Water pump went out at 65K miles, Transmission failed at 69K, return power steering hose failed at 72K miles. Just waiting to see what happens next, it’s obvious the design life of Chrysler is about 50K!
Comfortable ride for a long legged driver. Once warmed up at highway speed there's a growling noise from the engine that rises and falls with the diagnosis yet. Decent mileage for this large 6 cyl van- 20-21 in most cases including town.
I bought my 2006 t&c van with the stow and go, Like everyone else I too started hearing a high pitched noise, i have asked the dealership and independant mechanics, noone can tell me what is making the noise, then I over filled the powersteering resevoir and power washed the engine compartment, the noise went away, now the water pump is leaking. additionally the inside reading lights inthe front shorted out and now I have to replace the entire outlet
I had the high pitch sound and was ready to have the power steering replaced. One of hte mechanics told me to overfill the power steering resevoir by a 1/4 of an inch. I did and the noise went away. It works.
I bought this car for the stow n go seats-which I love! Having said that I have a high pitched whine in the engine which the dealership tells me sounds like the power steering pump-but they can't find anything wrong with it. Its so loud friends riding with me ask me whats up with my car. I've had it to the dealership 3-4 times and to an independant mechanic once with no answers. Also car only has 64,500 miles and already had work on air conditioner. Ready to trade in.
2006 Town & Country
Bought this used with 44,000 miles, thought it would be good..........not so, taken good care of but now at 64,000 engine shot. the noise mentioned below happened to ours and after having looked at many times, was told that was nothing.............I'm not so sure since now the engine is shot. Would NEVER reccommend to anyone..............
Bought mine used with 63,000 miles on it, and it's been fine up intill now/ 86,000 the ac has stoped working and developed a big leak, im thinking it's the evaperator core??? major job and big $$$, about $800 to$1,000. So it's not petty, also had problem's with plastic interior on botth pass/ driver's seat's but other than that it's ben fare...
Body and interior are fine. Brakes need really good tires, then they're fine. No problems with drive train. Brake lights went out simultaneously; fuse okay. Sensor? Heating and air conditioning fine; occasionally too hot, and after adjustment, too cold. Mostly quite comfortable for both. Exhaust and emissions clean. Must be very careful in the rain. Steers much better with Michelin tires.