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2003 Chrysler Town & Country owners review and rate their 2003 Chrysler Town & Country.

2003 Chrysler Town & Country (5 Reviews)
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Purchases new, eL version. Approx. 75K on the odo. Great ride and utility. Interior fit and finish OK/average. Drive train has performed quite well; engine/tranny holding up fine. Steering pump whines and gets really noisy in cold weather. Had the lines to the PS pump replaced under recall, but still noisy. Power rear gate works only intermittently now; passenger side door power lock has failed; power passenger door very stiff to open manually (this was also service under recall.) Driver power window has stopped working; maybe the switch. Have just discovered a leak in the water pump but this kind of thing will happen. Hopefully the van will hold up for another two years without MAJOR pain or heartache.
ok so I bought in Jan 2007 with 66,000 miles. been doing great, just little things like replacing tires. then this year in July, I was driving, made a left turn, and car just stopped. turns out I had to replace the cv joints. steering wheel makes whining noises. when I'm driving, the engine shifts down as if I was driving a manual. then about two - three weeks ago car wouldn't start on me. couldn't get it jumped. had two sit and wait for over an hour in the heat in Texas then it started. turned off on me which I was driving. .went to mechanic they couldn't find nothing so they replaced battery. as I was leaving shop car stalled. so I had them give me back my battery since it was fine ( barely got it last July ). then one night I left store and it turned off again while I was driving, this time I had my kids. barely turned into a taco bell parking lot. car started after about three minutes. mechanic can't find anything wrong with it. read computer but came back with no codes. took it to auto parts store and they checked alternator n starter. yesterday I started looking for a new car. wanna fix this problem n trade it in! especially after reading alot of bad reviews everywhere. oh yeah. did I mention? I'm sitting here in my car cuz it won't start. now the engine light is on. GREAT.
Purchased new and has 99,000 miles. Great vehicle with great tire wear, few realignmnts, no transmission or electrical problems, and is a great hauler with seats removed. Replaced one window motor, one set of brake rotors and pads and two batteries. Power steering makes a noise every now and then, but not for long. Mostly in very cold weather. Last week the front brakes did overheat twice while coming down a mountain in NC.
Bought new in 2003 with the Braun Entervan conversion (lowered floor and wheelchair ramp). Now has 128k miles on it. Front brakes at 50k mile and 100ks Rear brakes at 85k miles because of a really WIERD sound coming from the right rear which had been going on since we owned it.. Basttery needed replaced early on (probably problems with the Alternator that were never found). Chriping of belts and a probable bad "belt tensioner" (not verified yet). Power steering is making a groaning noise when doing low speed turns-- I see that is a standard problem that needs fixed.

I've only taken to Chrysler dealer 1x and they fixed the tailgate.
Very nice vehicle overall -- it rides like a tank, but not as bas as a 91 Ford E150 (previous vehicle)..
transmission problems at 111,000 miles and well kept.