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1998 Chrysler Town & Country (3 Reviews)
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Presently own a 1998 Chrysler T&C/LXI, I am very pleased with my vehicle. Which I purchased at a Honda dealer in July 2009. It has EVERYTHING but! the Sunroof which I really wanted. It is Pearl White outside, with camel leather Captain seats inside. I keep it just like it was when purchased it. I go from Va., to Florida every year for the past 5 years since I brought. Replaced rack/pinion, starter. In need of muffler soon. I really ENJOY my van. Just change oil regularly. Have not changed tranny fluid since purchased. Hope to keep long as possible. Go from NY to Va., on 3/4 tank (348miles). Wish the best to the other owners. I was second owner, when I purchased. Prior owner kept it BEAUTIFUL. I will do the same. *( "Gma On Wheels)!!
To the guy who posted before this post. If car is not starting or starting and stalling. Check to see if odometer and gear indicator is on or off. If the milage and gear select screein is not working there is a printed circuit board on the back of instrument cluster where a soldered area breaks. What i usually do is smack the instrument cluster a few times and if the milage come back on you can start the car. If not I remove the trim around the cluster (one that the traction control switch is on then the other where light switch is) un plug all conections and you will then see four screws holding in cluster. Remove the four screws ( try to use magnetic screw driver so you dont loose screws) and start by gently shaking cluster til odometer comes back on and car will start.
If the odometer is working and car still does not start try disconnecting battery and shaking battery around. I think one of the wires on to and from battery might have an issue. that has happen to me a few times too. Obviously these are not repairs but at least in will get car starte
I put a alternater and a new ignition switch and its not starting still..