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1996 Chrysler Town & Country owners review and rate their 1996 Chrysler Town & Country.

1996 Chrysler Town & Country (4 Reviews)
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Overall not bad for 230,000 miles replaced Radiator and Fans,Battery, Alternator,two Motor mounts, BCM was replaced after a headache trying to figure out why wiper were not fuctioning; and finally thhe fuel pump. and still running very well. Not bad for the miles.
160k miles, never a drivetrain problem. Comfortable driving, safe, great visibility. Except for occ. tires & brakes, less than $500 spent in repairs. Best car I've ever owned!
Got mine at 100k, driven in 20K withing 6months, Replaced breaks...
Got in a head on collision with three trees, only cosmetic damage, was a few bumps and tears in the front bumper, and LOTS of mud, mechanically the Transmission went out...
this van is part of the family, and is only now requiring a major overhaul. we just replaced the engine[3.8] rebuilt the entire front end and the tranny just got replaced. the interior and body is in mint cindition.but the most costly repair is the coolant lines that run to the rear heater to the back of the engine, they rust out and cost over 1200.00 to replace for yoiu have to drop engine to get to them. lots of labor costs.