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1994 Chrysler Town & Country (3 Reviews)
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Best vehicle I have ever owned, bought from 2 retired school teachers 6 years ago with 81k miles on odometer,129k now, have serviced it regularily, every 30k trans service, every 3k oil & filter change, changed ball joints and tie rod ends a month ago, new struts and rear shocks, new axel shafts with lifetime gurantee, drove cross country fully loaded 3 times.

Leather seats are like new, perfect, every 6 weeks treat them with leather treatment, all electronics work, dual airconditioning will freeze you out.

No body rust, but van needs a new paint job, I will never give it up, it's cheaper to replace anything that breaks than spend 40k on a new one.

Super comfortable ride, electric drivers seat is fantastic.
I bought a 94 Chrysler Town and Country about 6-7 yrs ago. It had 114,000 mi. on purchase date and currently has about 180,000 mi. It's been the best vehicle I've ever owned. So far no major mechanical problems, just the normal wear and tear. The main thing I've had to replace was my sliding door due to my ex's mechanic work and my temper when the door lock messed up (normal wear and tear with the plastic covering in the lock mechanism) and part of the fuel lines (cracked due to dry rot, bad materials or nicked by debris from the road (sticks, rocks, etc.)). Since replacing the door, I still have problems with it, but the door was from a junk yard and the lock is rusted up, so extra pressure is needed to shut it good. I've replaced my radiator fan just recently and fixing to replace my rotors and shocks. Outside of that, only routine maint. (oil change, breaks checked, fluids checked, blinker bulb replacement, headlight bulb replacement, spark plugs and wires replacement) has been done to the van. I'm unsure if I would buy another due to the main reason I wanted a van was because of my large family. The kids are now hitting the ages where I'll be downsizing my vehicle to an suv that is suitable for future use and not so big and bulky for just me and my hubby to drive. However, if it tears up before my children leave the nest, I would definately purchase another Town and Country mini van. Until then, I'm driving the one I have until I can't drive it anymore!

Brought it used in 2001 with 130,534 miles on it. It is obvious that it is an old vehicle that lasted a long time, but through out the time that I have owned it, I had to replace the waterpump, front and rear brakes, all motor mounts, brake master cylinder, all hoses, radiator, regular tune ups. I really do not have any bad complaints except for chryslers' transmissions. If you ask me about the engine I will tell you I never had bad problems, but if you ask me about the transmission, I will tell you that that has always been a bad problem. I replaced the transmission two years ago and at present I have to replace it again. So my over all rating of the van is good on the engine, but, chrysler products are very, very bad on their transmissions and I will never buy a chrysler product again.