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2010 Chrysler Sebring (3 Reviews)
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Nothing to complain about on it. I am the original owner and current driver that purchased my 2010 Sebring Touring no other words expressing. The car is excellent on gas & never had one problem with anything. I've religiously taken very great cared of everything on my car still comfortable and its unique than ever I buy another Chrysler for sure but 5 years sent off last payment don't want to start if have too but absolutely thankful this car runs like the day drove off the lot at now has 86,000 miles.
I bought my 2010 Sebring touring edition in Jan. of 2011. It only had 9 miles on it and was perfect for my new family. I have 15700 miles on it and i have already had it serviced 3 times for the ETC (electronic throttle control) and now i am having another elictrical problem. as of now my car is off with no key in or around the car. key fob untouched and no possible buttons being pressed on the fob. My hazard lights flash twice at random. the car unlocks itself and both the driver and passanger side front windows roll down entirely on their own. Im hoping to get a no lemon return and refund. I love the car and everything about it but this individual car is not realiable enough to support my family and work needs. I am very dissapointed and fed up with the experience. first and probaly last chrysler i ever buy.
Please see my review in the 2007 review and ratings. I wrote it on the wrong page. Just in summary, I've driven Chrysler products since the 80's and except for a 1995 Neon that was a complete joke of a car, have always appreciated that they were dependable if not very flashy. Never liked the current Sebring styling, but the new hood and clean side Bright Silver Limited I just bought looks pretty good to me. This is the BEST Chrysler I've ever owned. Yes, it's a Chrysler but wow is rides very smoothly and is especially quiet in most driving settings. Takes the bumps in Michigan well and I just can't believe all the negative press it has gotten, although I think the 2010 is the best of the upgraded bunch. Love the dark leather seats with white edge stitching and the way it handles generally. It's not a canyon curve bomber but it's perfect for long travel trips I drive for business.