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2009 Chrysler Sebring (1 Review)
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2009 Chrysler Sebring Convertible LX

Was nervous about this car and still am because my family as always gone Toyota and look down on American built cars. However, I wanted a convertible and was tired of my 2001 Toyota Corolla that was looking very out dated and need some average repairs. So I purchased this car because it was in my price range. So far I really enjoy it the ride and have had no problems. The ride is a bit louder than desired but it may be do to the fabric top. The brake do squeak but is my understanding that is the type of brake now a days use made with steel or rubber rather than asbesto. When brakes need to be replace I plan to look for brake made of other material (like ceramic). Is not a car for speed that for sure, but I'm a Eco chick so I drive slow anyways. Perfect for cruising. MPG about the same as my 2001 Corolla with the way I drive (28 to 30 something mpg). Will keep for as long as I can. Love my convertible!