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2007 Chrysler Sebring (6 Reviews)
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Bought this 2007 Sebring new. It now has 114.000 miles on it with only one repair, the upper radiator hose. ($67.00) The interior and body are like new.
The car gets Synthetic oil change every 7,000 miles. We love this car and will keep diving another 100,00 plus miles.
The gas gauge is broken & the gas light remains on,I've taken it to the dealer and the diagnose was that the car needs a fuel module,the car received a fuel module back in Dec,another mechanic stated that there is an issue with the instrumental cluster.
I just bought a 2010 Sebring Limited. Didn't want to since I never liked the styling and heard all the embarassing owner and professional comments since 2007. Well, I drove three of them at different dealerships and WOW. I never thought I would like the car this much. I had a 2005 Signature Sebring with leather that drove great but also was more of a go cart than a quiet and enjoyable ride. The 4 cylinder of that car was loud and rough, but dependable. But now, I can't believe how the the 2010 is. Chrysler apparently did some insulation and other improvments over the past two years and it shows. Not a Honda? Ok but for the price I payed, I would have accepted a lot less and been satisfied. For a new car nobody wanted, I really do like it a lot. Even the styling with the new smooth hood, all dark slate leather interior now looks pretty good to me. In fact, so far it's the most comfortable car I've ever owned. Just a few left at remaining dealerships so I drove it and bought it. The 2.4 World Engine four cylinder is much more responsive and much smoother than the last generation powerplant. I actually am loving to drive this car. After 4 years of building it, Chrysler finally got it in the ballpark, I think. Looking to see how the new 200 (Sebring redo) turns out. I'm still happy with my 2010.
I bought a used 2007 Chrysler Sebring with about 87,000 miles on it with no knowlege on the backround of the vehicle (I NEEDED A CAR ASAP) At first i loved my car, it was Nice, fuel efficent and ran good. Today while driving, the check engine light came on. I took it in to get an oil change, but its still on. On the way to pick up my husband for lunch my car Turned off at the stop light. I put the gear back in paRk and the car turned back on, but the engine feels like it's kicking. So far its only happpened twice..... hopefully it doesnt happen again, IM JUST WONDERING WHEN THE ENGINE LIGHT IS GOING TO TURN OFF! Is anyone else having this problem with their 07 sebring????
Purchased a Touring Edition in 2007, now it has 43,000 miles & no major issues to date. We've read all the bad reviews this car has gotten, but so far for us it's been a great car. We commute 100 miles a day, 90% of which is highway miles. We change the oil every 3000 miles, tires are now showing some wear, will be getting new tires soon. The car has been a pleasure to drive, we think it's very stylish compared with other more expensive makes/models. We rented numerous vehicles before deciding on this make/model and felt the Sebring handled just as good, if not better than most of the rentals we had. To date we don't regret buying this car, we hope it continues to be a great car.
I love this car. It will be 2 years old this Feb and I have 53k miles on it. I drove a Jeep Cherokee prior to this and the gas milage is awesome! I get a steady 31/mpg on the highway. Came loaded with a Boston aucustic sound system and Sirius radio. I commute 130 miles a day and the drive is very comfortable and it handles well in rain and snow. Great pick up as well.