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2001 Chrysler Sebring (13 Reviews)
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Bought new and have 66,000 miles on it. Only issue is 02 sensors - three replaced so far. Not looking foward to replacing the timing belt and the plugs (3.0 engine) as the intake has to be pulled for the plug R/R. Car known for its road noise but other than that, no complaints. Wife loves it.
bought this car new has 189,000 miles on it and have had no engine problems only had to replace a couple senors, did have to replace heater switch twice but within first few years and now the problem seems to be fixed, it's been in six years. Otherwise I have changed the belts once and the fuel pump once and brakes once, it still has the original battery, replaced front wheel bearings once,still runs and drives like new, a very nice car

Have 2001 sebring convertible. Most common cause of engine failure is if you have a small water leak..water pump is inside the crankcase, if you let the little leak go too long it dumps coolant into crankcase. Water pumps start going just after 100,000 miles. Shortly thereafter the motor goes. Now have a problem with the tach and speedo guage lights are out (were off and on now just out) understand it is a cluster board..anyone know about this repair?
CHRYSLER SEBRING 98 I have had my car over 2 and a half years just minor problems an egr valve from using cheap gas, brakes, my seat belt wont release unless I open passenger door and close it. My radio windshield wipes, defrost, and blinkers have been out for 3 mths it is a shortage but it still drives good I think it is still a good car.
I've had this car for 6 months and still owe a couple thousand for it. I've had to replace the breaks. My air conditioning will only work on high. The oil light comes on occassionally and now my engine light stays on. I put the OMD II diagnostic on it and it says that my 02 sensor circuit is bad. But nobody can tell me what a 02 sensor is. It has overheated three times on me already. I feel robbed. Has there been any recalls?
Have had this car for a while it as 156,000 miles and still runs great have not had to do much beside the basic oil changes, normal tune ups and tires! It is a 2.7L V6 no noises or oil light! After reading some of the reviews I hope it doesnt break down now but glad I am aware of what to look out for!!
I loved driving this car, but had two engines go out after religiously changing my oil at 3,000 miles. Other web sites have talked about this problem.
Great summer car top down not a care inn the world
I was told by my mechanic these 2.7L engines have two problems: Timing chains breaking (it is an interference engine) and there is an engineering problem concerning lubrication in the block. Either one can destroy this engine. Love the car but it's not one you are going to keep for a long time. Wish I hadn't bought it.
This car is the worst car I have ever purchased. I bought the car used with about 70,000 miles, the car now has a little over 100,000 miles and I have had nothing but problems. The only thing I like about this car is the way it looks and drives. I have had to replace the brakes,fuel pump, altenator, key ignition, pro arm links on wheels and other random things. I would not recommend this car to anyone. Stay away from this car!
2001 car has its old age problems typical of an older car.
I had the heater fan go out, and the door makes noise when I open and close it. Other than that, no problems except normal wear and tear stuff. I've had it for 2 years, so we'll see what happens over the next couple...
Has been a great car. Just starting to have some electrical problems at 87,000 mi.