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1999 Chrysler Sebring (5 Reviews)
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I bought my 1999 Sebring 3 yrs.ago never a problem machanically. We had to unclogg the drain holes & the only other thing was fix the starter this spring. This is a great little car. Even at 155,595 miles & going
This is the worst car I have ever owned. Very poor engineering and it is no wonder that Chrysler is in trouble. The water pump went out and caused the engine to jump time and trashed the engine. Paid $4000. to get a used engine put in. The drains in the rocker panels plug up and the interior fills with water. Poor engineering again! Alternator went out. Took to Pep Boys one Big Mistake! Cost $493.09 (labor was way out of line and gave car back with scratches on the front end)Alternator was $149.00 They also said I needed a Battery but I didn't! Pep Boys also wanted to charge me $168.00 to replace the oil pressure switch. The dealer only charges $75.00. Trans shifts had and nobody knows why!This site shows Pep Boys as a repair shop to use but I would say BEWARE!!!! Bottom line the car is very poorly made and Pep Boys will take advantage of you and trash you car!!! Use caution when considering a Chrysler or Pep Boys as a repair shop!
I bought this convertible in January, 2003. It has been such a GREAT car! (She even has a name, like a member of the family.) I am of the belief that if you take care of a car, it will take care of you. When something sounded, felt or smelled funny, I took it to my mechanic. I religiously changed her oil every 3,000. Before a long trip, and I mean more than 1,000 miles at a time, I had her checked out and she NEVER disappointed or stranded me. I drove her gently and almost always got 30-32 mpg on the highway. Now that she is an older girl with 158,900 miles on the odometer, I bought a 2008 Sebring Convertible. My mechanic said there was no reason the 1999 shouldn't have given me 250,000 miles. So, she is going to my 22 year-old niece and namesake who I hope will love and care for her just as I did. I will always miss my "Miss Pearl" and I trust my newer "Ms. Sterling" will be as reliable for me.
I have had my 1999 Sebring Convertible for 9 years and have experienced very little problem. Had an alternator replaced which proved to be defective and it blew my computer due to over charging. The digital compass, fuel, and trip meter has gone out and the fuel guage is not reading correctly. But, that is the only problem I have had except for some rubber stripping I had to have replaced over the front windshield due to leaking problem.
This car has been great and my wife loves it. The problem I have is the car overheats and no matter what I fix, I still have this problem. My most recent problem is it shuts off or start running sluggish when the temperature gauge gets to the half way mark. None of the machanics are sure what's wrong with it. Two of them says it's the Thermal temp sensor, but not for sure. It has been parked for the past two weeks. "Help"