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1996 Chrysler Sebring owners review and rate their 1996 Chrysler Sebring.

1996 Chrysler Sebring (5 Reviews)
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the knob of the radio control it quet crazy on the pannel
bought my LXI w/no knowledge of history and 82,000 miles. soon thereafter spent $1500 on transmission repair at a dealership. had a complete tune-up right after that. had both front steering arms break, of course the 1st mechanic did not tell me it was a recall, but the 2nd one broke and blocked major traffic and the cop told the tow truck driver to take it (us) to chrysler. the passenger side window works but needs help closing and the outside handle no longer works. i believe the driver side will not work much longer. i have had the a/c repaired twice $$$ i no longer care to put anymore into it, i moved from phoenix to the sierras. the check engine light was on for 3.5 years (went on right after bad mechanic replaced plugs) i requested platnimum plugs and after 70,000 miles i had them replaced finding that i should be happy the car still ran, and the check engine has gone off. the sunroof has never worked(opened) and i have a glove box full of interior parts that have fallen off. so i keep a close eye on the trans fluid and never disengadge the overdrive unless i am stopped. above and beyond that i couldn't be happier w/ this car! since in 2002 i told my husband that i absolutely LOVE it and "if you get me this car i'll never want another"! it has been and is a great car.
bought the car from an auction so I don't know the history prior to 72,000 miles. I have really enjoyed the car, but many problems along the way. The front end literally fell off the car, and turned up as a recall. Theres a short or ground problem in the wiring harness, so I have to get under the car and jiggle the wires till its just right, then it'll start. Takes on water from rain and snow, so the quarter panels fill up. I still drive it at 186,000 miles. I would buy another one. Even with the issues, I have really enjoyed it. As a single Mom, on disability, I don't think that's going to happen.
I purchased this 1996 v-6 convertible new and have 110,000 mi on it. The only unusual repairs have been 2 expensive AC problems and a complete valve job due to a bad timing belt replacement (out of warranty). I have not fixed the defective odometer / tachometer as it does tell me the mileage every week or so. Electrics are lousy, but easily repaired at home. I love the car, but the ride is very sensitive to low tire pressure and the automatic transmission is sloppy / mushy. Great gas mileage (19-26) and great comfort on long trips. Oh yeah, and I got the Bose sound system - great. Reading Consumer Reports, I feel like i lucked out.
great car, but a little of a prima donna. things the sebring is notorious for: eating brakes for breakfast, oil sending unit going bad because it's near heat, engine whinning, odometer/speedometer board going out (needs a little soldering); bumpy ride due to cross bracing underneath for strength; weight of vehicle (due to cross bracing). for cheap self-repairs, join the "chrysler sebring convertible club" online. they have instructions and pictures.