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2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser (16 Reviews)
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Ive had the cruiser for a year and have had to re
place the lower radiator hose and cluch. I think the previous owner didn't know how to drive a standard transmission car. The car handles well, good gas mileage 20 MPG city handles well on the hiighway and pretty quiet.
Wish it had a little more HP but with the stick its not too bad. I'd buy another.

very small inside. Handle on glove compartment cheap plastic. Brakes are good. Drive Train slow changing gears. Elec & Lights always something 'ON' and back lights go out everytime it rains. Exhaust & Emissions passed so far. Heating & Cooling AC kills my battery and nobody knows why. Suspension & Steering feels like a wooden wagon on a stone path when driving. Steering OK. Perhaps I was sold a lemon. I don't know but I do know I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER!
I bought my PT Crusier GT new in 2006, I have spent a lot of money on tires, and keeping it running, I park in my garge 6 months ago, and stop driving it, due it was always breaking down, the turbo stop working, go through tires, engine light is always on, due something is wrong, I bought the top end, black with crome packet with GT, looks good park, as long you don't drive it
I love my PT Cruiser. However at 109xxx miles I have had to replace 2 motor mounts.....brakes roters and i still need to replace power steering pump and have my transmission rebuilt.....after all this I will make sure I keep this car till the very last day I can.......but I would never buy another one!
Have had my little car for about six years now. Hardly had any problems with it. Very reliable and fairly good mileage. Only have about 48,000 miles on it, however. I was trading in used cars regularly until I got this car. Negatives -- have to open back end with a key, turning ratio not easy. Love my car!!!
Don't ever buy a PT Cruiser. I have had nothing but problems since about 35,000 miles. I have replaced the clutch, replaced the power steering pump, I have to get new tires every year and brakes! And today the transmission went out at 95,000 miles. I can't wait until me and this hoopty can part ways. Good riddance!
Purchased new 2006 GT Convertable, Had several electrical issues,Cam sensor replaced twice with less than 20,000 miles,Timing had to be replaced with less than 60,000. Lights flicker and dim while driving,windows freeze in the winter. Brakes and rotors problematic. Tires wear very fast.. Its a good thing chrysler discontinued this vehicle..
I bought this car used in 2007. I have had nothing but problems. First the convertible top stopped working, then problem after problem. The first year I had 4 flat tires. replaced the brakes 3 times, check engine light comes on all the time for who knows what. spent $600 to fix spark plugs and other computer issues that caused the car to just shut off on the freeway. Now the front axle is leaking grease, the clamps that hold the engine in place are broken, and the top is still broken! I wish I could just trade this lemon in and get a foreign car
All I can say about this PT which I purchased new in 2006 is "I'm glad to see you gone". Maintenance issue after maintenance issue from the time the car turned 36 months with less than 36,000 miles. Spent $3,000 - $4,000 in miscellaneous repairs from months 36 - 72.
I took my 2005 cruiser into a local crysler dealership and was told, before it was even looked at, that I needed to have the timing belt replaced - at a cost of $1,5-600. Without looking at the car, how do they know that this item needs to be replaced? I am stumped. I have only 35,000 miles on my 2005 cruiser. The manual says the timing belt should be replaced at 90,000 miles. Have other dealerships' service centers recommended this action WITHOUT even looking at your car?
I wrote the story in January about my 2006 PT Cruiser having module/shifting problems. Now, in February, I am told that EQUIS insurance says to replace all of the electrical terminals and modules. It seems the modules cannot hold the codes that were inputted through technical service bulletins. Still shifts hard and the car has been in the shop NOW since November. I know it needs a new transmission but the insurance company is dragging their feet, probably until April when the contract expires. They claim the problem is electrical. I drove the car for one day and can hear the gears grinding in forward and reverse. It will also shift lock the transmission into the safe mode. If the people at EQUIS read this, keep in mind that I bought a brand new Buick in January and I made sure your company did not have the extended warranty contract.
My mom was driving our 2006 pt cruiser touring edition and the speedometer went down and up and the gas meter went to empty .
I purchase my car from enterprise rental a 2006 5yrs ago. I have not had any major problems. Until recently, i took it to be serviced for air. It kicked really good and lasted for 2days. I am at a lost because i dont know exactly what to do in this situation. Any suggestions?
It's a convertible that has 33000 have had no problems in the 6 mo I have had it. The tires for it are expensive. It has the auto stick and that is fun. The turbo makes this car really quick at 250 hp.
I have had at least 5 PT Cruisers, I just sold one that had 125K on it, no trouble at all. The others were used when I bought them and I have had great success with them. They have enough power (all non-turbo) and good gas mileage (25mpg). Some folks complain about wobble etc. CHECK YOUR TIRES! I just replaced 2 front tires because of flat spots on a 07.that my wife loves and drives. The tires appeared to have a lot of life left, the car has 30K miles.Head lights glazed over on 01, got some 1200 grit wet sand paper and polished them back up, They also sell a kit at the auto store that will polish them.
I purchased the car new in 2006. Nothing on this car has given me troubles exept the A/C. The senser on top of the condenser went bad which I hear is common for Chrysler. I replaced the senser and the A/C is like new agian. The Gas mileage is terrible to be such a small car. I feel these cars would have been more popular if the gas mileage was better. on the highway I'd get around 340 miles on a tank which is not bad but in stop and go traffic, I might get 240 or less. Other than that car is great.