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2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser (7 Reviews)
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I brought my first 2004 pt in March of 2012 and from the first day that i get it was having issues with it the back whippers did not work so they call themself fixing it and it worked for a while then stopped. It would still when i go to 30mph they fix it .The wheels on the car have been replaced 5 times and still need more now. It was knotting and they claim to have fixed it but it still knotted. the inside light not come on where the gas hand is and sometimes all the inside lights would go out even the radio.I just had a fire. The front bumper was hanging on one side paint was bubbleing on th hood. I just wish that we would have saved that money that we put in it. The oil lecked and so much more.
I have a 2004, 5 speed in which I bought used in 2008. The car had approximately 65,000 miles on it when I purchased it. I love the body styles of these cars and love the many features about them. I was warned to not buy the car by many, but I bought anyway. I have replaced the entire braking system on it shortly after the purchase to include rotors, hubs, bearings, drums etc. That cost almost $700 from Just Brakes. The next repair was an all wheel alignment and a new set of tires which cost about $400 from Pep Boys. Then about 4 months ago I had to replace the Timing Belt after the car stalled on me in going home traffic on a Friday....and that repair cost me about $1,500. So all in all, I am very pleased with my car and happy with the purchase I made almost 3 years ago. The only thing I can really complain about is the fact that the car seems to eat up tires really fast. Especially the right rear one. Just bought a used tire to replace that one until I need a full set again....which will be very soon.
If I was asked to rate the car on a scale from 1-10, I would have to give it an 8-8.5 because no car is a problem free car.
I love the fact that the seats come out of this vehicle and the room interior. I even like the fact the the window controls are on the dash above the radio. I do not however like all the repair bills that go along with owning this car. I bought this car with only 45 thousand miles. Now with about 72thousand on my car I have replaced the radiator (twice-but once was after a wreck I had two days ago.) both wheel bearings, air conditioner hose, timing belt, break pads, breaks, rotors, and of course the normal maintenance like tires. & i still feel like Im forgetting something. But hey it gets good gas mileage. Im averaging 21 mph in town and 24 interstate
I have owned my 2004 GT HO Turbo since it was new. I am a lifelong Mopar owner, so I knew of this car's ( and company's) shortcomings in advance. All PT owners should replace their suspension bushings with polyurethane units if they intend to keep their cars for the long haul. The factory control arm bushings, especially, will not last. I have 110K on mine now and it was money well spent. To be fair, when I replace the normal wear items, I use aftermarket units (cross-drilled & slotted brake rotors, polyurethane timing belt, etc) If you shop around, you'll find better value and better quality than OEM.
P.S. If you bought a chrysler in the last 20 yrs and are happy with your purchase you have gotten use to having low standards
Bad things, head lights are glazed over, turning radius is awful, tire wear seems to be bad, if you have the steel crome plated rims, they rust inside and have to be cleaned or the tires lose air, if the water pump needs replaced you better be ready to dig deep in the wallet. Good things, styling, reliable, body has no rust and clear coat hasn't faded, engine has plenty of pep.
We purchased our 2004 PT Cruiser GT new and it now has 36000 miles. The car is well maintained and we have had no problems. We bought it on impulse and we love it. It's the first "cheap" car we had for years and see no reason to buy an expensive car again.

Good points:

Great looking!
Accelerates like crazy thanks to the turbo!
Hauls more stuff than cars much bigger.
Easy to climb in and out of.
Fun to drive!
Good quality!

Not so good points:

Poor gas mileage for a small car (also requires premium)
Poor turning radius (can turn my 3/4 ton pick-up in less space).
Gas tank too small (200 miles on a tank)