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2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser (16 Reviews)
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We bought this 2003 PT Cruiser from a Dealership in another state. I'm surprise we made it home and was able to drive it for almost a month before we started having all the problems we've had. One day it just wouldn't started. Took it to our mechanic and they check it and said it was the starter. So we put a new starter in and then about a week later it wouldn't start again, so back it went to the garage and again they said it was the starter and the ignition and our mechanic who happen to own his own garage told us he was going to not charge us for the new starter again or the labor. And he call the parts warehouse where he got the starter and told them he needed a new starter and that he felt like they should have to help with the cost on labor on my car because the starter that they put in the first time was bad. Which the parts warehouse did so with no problem. Then again about 4 days later it stop running again and our mechanic finally said he wasn't sure what was wrong and that it had to be a short or something like that coming from the computer brain. So they rig up a wire where my husband had to open the hood every time we had to go some where. He had to open up the hood and take this wire and touch it to the battery to start the car. Until we could get it into Chrysler and have them test it on there machine that will tell you just exactly what the problem is. Then after that the car started over heating and we had to replace the radiator it was totally clog up. And then we had to replace the heater core and then the water pump and timing belt and believe it or not the car is still over heating if you drive over 50 miles an hour. So now our next item from what we have been told is to replace the computer on the engine cause that is what probably is the main issue now we have and then the car should be fixed. All I can say is my husband and I are both Senior Citizens and we are on a fixed income and I thing that Dealership in Oklahoma did us dirty and thought well now here are a couple suckers. When we are honest and try our best to help anyone who is in need of help. We had a 2005 PT Cruiser and we love it but my ex son in law wreck it and totaled it out. Now we have to wait and try to get the computer for the 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo when we get our next retirement checks if we can swing it if not we will just have to save the money up until we get enough. Why do people and Car Dealerships have to be so crooked. I need help in finding out if we replace the computer on the PT if anyone knows from what all I said was wrong with it that, that will really fix it right.
Good looks,ride and room I like it its almost like a truck
I have a 2003 Cruiser Limited. I like it pretty well, but am going on my 3rd starter since November and the last replacement was just a week ago. So I'm w/o transportation again. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this to happen?

Don't want to be stranded,
new radiator, brakes two times already before 60,000,suspensine fixed three times, oil light comes on, air conditioner fixed, heater fixed,, transmission replaced, car is junk
2003 pt Loser, is a nickle & dime machine! Has any one other then me had a problem with breaks locking up after driving 10-15 miles? I think this is it with chysler products. After i get this last in the line of problems taken care of, it will be time to go in debt. again & get something(anything) else
I had to replace my front lower control arm bushings on both sides of the car at 38,000 miles. Now I have 55,000 miles on the car and they need replacing again. When you hear a clunk noise when you drive over a bump your rubber bushings need replaced. Must me a bad design on the front suspension.

My engine has a slight miss in it. I believe its the fuel injectors. I have been putting fuel injection cleaner in it and it seems to be better. I drive allot of short trips so maybe thats why they are not clean and causing the slight miss in the engine.

I had to replace a crank postion sensor on the car at 40,000 miles.

The brakes are junk. They squeak allot. I had new special brake pads put on and had the rotors turned and they still squeak. I think the rotors of are made of a cheap steel that came from China and they rust real fast causing the squeak noise when I apply my brakes. There is different grades of steel . Chrysler used the cheapest they could get in my opinion.

I also had the front wheel bearings replaced at 38,000 when I had my front control arm bushings replaced because I have read they don't last. Not sure if the wheel bearings are junk or poor design.
I like the car style and the interior is comfortable. I don't have a turbo, so it doesn't have a lot of power and the gas mileage seems pretty bad. I have had ongoing issues with the air conditioner for two years or more now and am VERY unsatisfied with that. Still not resolved. Had a power steering problem awhile back that cost me some bucks along with a few other minor annoyances. The big problem now is the transmission. I have a 2003 model that I bought in 2005 and it had 12,000 miles on it. I just went over 100,00 on it and it appears that the transmission is dead. It went into the shop today and I am waiting for the verdict. If this car didn't come with so many inherent issues and if the transmission could get 150,000 to 200,000 miles, I would like it; however, replacing the transmission at 100,000 miles and not being able to figure out what the heck is messing up the A/C, I can't say I would buy another Chrysler product ever again. I had a horrible experience with a Chrysler vehicle in ther 1980's and swore I would never buy one again...then the PT Cruisers came out and I really like the style. Plus, Chrysler was supposed to be so much better! Mistake. If I had the money, I would go for another Honda in a heartbeat.
I have a 2003 PT Cruiser basic. I absolutly love my car. He has 138,000 miles. Runs great. I change the oil, every 3 months. Never had problems with it. Just recently I had the timing belt changed and water pump. Gave it a tune up and and he is running like he was at 21,000 miles when I bought him 5 years ago. As he is getting older tho, he moans and groans just a bit. My mechanic said it could be his low control arm bushings. Overall love my 2003 Cranberry PT.
March 2012

At 23,000 miles has to fix air conditioning leak. Between 80,000 and 100,000 miles had to replace front struts and bearings, have rotors sanded down, I've replaced brake pads twice, replaced ball joints and control arm, replaced both O-2 sensors in engine, had to have front headlights sanded due to failed visibility test. Also had to get a tune up. At 110,000 miles needed timing belt replaced. I drive responsibly and always service my car but it's a PT Loser money pit lemon! I will never buy another Chrysler.
Poor rear visibility. Poor turning radius. WILL NOT DRIVE OVER 2500 RPM'S. Throws up 3 codes all of which have been replaced as well as the gas cap and still throws up same 3 codes. Its a money sucker to try to figure out the problem no one can seem to fix, and extremely dangerous to drive. But hey, must get the family around. Would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. Lent it to a family member who needed short term transportation and you should have seen the FB comments her friends were making about the car.
have owned a 2003 pt cruiser touring for 7 years, not to bad a car except let it set a day or two and the brakes will sqeak and make a loud grinding sound took to dealer many times tells me it just gets rusty calibiers from sitting? then a few years ago the starter went out and it keep going out had it replaced four times before it stopped going out, at same dealer; now two weeks ago went out to go work and click battery dead, charged the battery started, look out the window at night noticed fog lights on, would not turn off took to same dealer, told me it's the mulitifuction switch so the order one said it would take a couple of days since the part was back ordered, so hear it is two weeks since ordered called to check status of part was told still back ordered and that I was number 400 on the wait list...WTF and this is not on recall!!! my car has 65,000 miles on it and serviced regularly.
I absolutely LOVE this car. Although I have had issues with it. The transmittion needed to be replaced at about 140,000 miles, the airconditioning keeps breaking, and I now need to replace the struts at 180,000 miles. Otherwise, if you have the money to spend on these repairs, it is a very nice car.
I hate this car.
Pretty good car
Bought an 03 with 54000 on it in 2006. Drove til 74000 when the transmission gave out. Actually don't know if it may have been that sensor everyone mentioned, but transmission was replaced UNDER WARRANTY! Seems I was sitting in the car waiting for the tow truck and started to read the owners manual and in 03 the whole transmission was covered up through 75000. Otherwise it has been a little champ. Mileage isnt great, but I was impressed at the safety ratings before I got it, and it survived a teen driver with no problems since. At 115000 and four years later, I had to replace the front struts and mounting brackets, and the hatch has a couple rusty spots that it has had since we bought it. I just hate the fact that the hatch only works when the weather is 50 or above. Overall I would buy one again, except that Chrysler has since dropped that warranty. Too bad!!
I love this car but I have had troubles with it. Had to have 2 water pumps put on it, bushings on lower control arms, front wheel bearings, oil pan removed due a oil leak,camshaft sensor went bad . Car only has 34,000 miles on it.