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2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser (12 Reviews)
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we have put 2 batteries in it and it still keeps dying no lights on no radio on starter and alternator is good what is the problem
Purchased a New 2002 Inferno Red Touring Edition, extra included moon roof, heated leather seats (which were not hooked up at time of delivery), Great looking retro style car. Love the exterior and interior styling very well thought out. Wish gas mileage were better.

Issues have with the car have been minor, but expensive. The orginal Good Years Tires were replaced with less than 10,000 miles on them due to excessive wobbling in the steering- bad tires, chrome plated rims have developed a slow air pressure leak on front tires due to rusting over the years. Just spent $946.05 to replace front control arm and bushings, brake fluid exchange, and 3rd brake light bulb replacement. Time for service replacement was 2hrs or under, feel was greatly over charged for the repairs.
Good ride, some problems - but easily corrected.
30 years turning a wrench Professionally, Purchased car with 31K. Have 141K now 3/11, It's going on 10 years old, and it has had it's problems, but no more than most made american made cars. I have got about $1100 in parts I have put on it over the years. My labor so no cash there. I will tell you I'm one that replaces parts when I see it borderline as some will push much harder before replacement. Changed timing belt, w/pump and tensioners. Replace Radiator, Starter, Alternator. Wheel bearings, Make sure you get the tapered bearings over the ball bearings. No more wheel bearing problems. Clutch is still good, but in the next 3 weeks will be replacing manual transmission as the Transmission Differential bearings are bad, and I will put in a new clutch as it will be all apart and a good time to do it.
No such thing a perfect trouble free vehicle. On a 1 to 10 I have to rate it a 7. I would buy another one.
I bought my 2002 Dream Cruiser when it was 3 years old with 70K miles on it. I fell in love with it and am still in love with it even though it has almost 140K on it now. It's roomy, luxurious, sporty (5 speed manual), reliable and gets good gas mileage and also is cheap on insurance and upkeep. I highly recommend this versatile little cutie.
when i bought the car ran fine. Now the abs and traction control light stays on just about all the time. When those lights are on the brakes are fine but when they are not the brake pedal jumps up and down and you feel like you dont have any breaks. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
Just bought a 2002 PT Cruiser Limited Edition, with 126,000 miles on it. Drives great, some noise coming from underneath the car on the passenger side front, checked the suspension and everything looks okay and is tight. Next will check to see if it might be the exhaust that is loose. I get about 28 mph in the city and 33 on the highway.
Just bought my 2002 PT Cruiser (it's now July 2010). It has 78,000 on it. It's a Limited Edition Woodie and apparently was garaged because it looks brand new. Bought it from a Lexus dealer in Marin County, CA and they went through it before selling it. It seems like a really solid car, and looks brand new inside and out. I just hope it stays this way and is a reliable car. I bought it for $6,200 and I believe got a good deal, for which I am very grateful.
I got this car at 104,000 miles, almost 3 years ago now. Despite only being 4 years old, the tailgate was beginning to rust, and the rear Chrysler emblem was gone. Other than that, the body is fairly solid, and still looks great in the wash.

The brakes work well, and last quite a while. No problems there.

I've had to replace a water pump for $600, which until recently was my most major expense. Chrysler has definitely gone with form over function on this car. The engine compartment is extremely cramped, making it difficult to work on. The battery is actually covered by the air filter enclosure. The air intake plenum has to be removed to even get to the spark plugs, which adds a significant cost to a tune-up. Despite all that, the engine itself (the base 2.4 liter i-4 in this case) seems pretty solid, albeit a bit slow, well, actually very, very slow. It feels very underpowered. This is a grandma's car through and through.

There was a bit to be desired on the taillights. Changing the rear bulbs is a bit of a pain. Normally a large flathead screwdriver is enough to get the taillight assembly off, but if there is any corrosion, only a special star bit will work. Why they didn't just use a philips head for this, I'll never know, especially since the light bulbs need to be changed. After a few years of owning the car, the light bulb sockets fried. They aren't just sockets, but actually have circuit boards in them. It cost me about $80 to replace all four taillight/rear blinker sockets and bulbs. Also, some of the dash lights were burned out when I bought the car, so it's hard to see the gas gauge at night.

I have had (thankfully) no transmission problems as of yet.

I have had no exhaust or emissions issues, either.

Heating and air conditioning works well, and the A/C has lasted 2 winters so far without needing a recharge, which is an improvement over Chrysler vehicles from the 90's, which required a recharge every year.

I have had major suspension and steering problems. Currently the car is in the shop getting a new steering rack. Thankfully the power steering pump is okay. I got the issue fixed before but it didn't solve the underlying problem apparently. I would not purchase this car again just for that issue. Suspensions are extremely expensive to work on and only poor engineering and design can account for a car having problems like this.

Overall, it is an okay vehicle. The base, non-turbo engine is not only slow, but gets lackluster gas mileage (only an EPA estimated 25 mpg highway, while other cars in this class regularly top 30). The handling is sloppy and it just feels like the car is too heavy for its suspension. It is not any fun to drive. For that reason as well as the steering problems I've encountered, I can't recommend this car to anyone for any purpose.
With 75,000 miles on it, my wife's 2002 PT Cruiser has required a torque converter, lower control arm bushings, wheels (original ones corroded), wheel bearings, and a few other items.
This car now has about 75,000 miles. Tires and brakes have been replaced. The airbag light comes on during hard right turns at 35/40 miles an hour. The oil is changed every 3,000 miles. The trim around the windows has always looked bad. The car is kept in a garage. Still has the original battery. No other mechanical problems.