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2006 Chrysler Pacifica (12 Reviews)
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My son bought this car for me in 2008 w/36000 miles. It now has 58,000 miles. Ever since I've owned it the headlights have had to be replaced every 6months or so. Now when I'm driving at night the headlight have gone on and if I have the low beams go out the brights come on and visa versa. I live in the country and its just black and very scarry when they go out. What could be causing this. I really hate this car. It used to never stsrt. I got very friendly with the AAA people. I owned two Buicks, one for 10 years one for 11yrs. Never had to replace anything and they were both two yr old when I bought them. Did I mention how much I hate this car? My husband died and I cant afford another car.
Have had 2006 Touring for a year now. Bought used w/ 110,000 mi on it. Have had to replace a driveshaft. Other than that, this car runs perfect. 1st time buying a used car for over 25 years. AWD is excellent in snow. Probably weight of car us factor as well.

If Chrysler were to introduce this model again, would buy new as well. I've probably owned 20 cars in my life. After a year have been unhappy with many of them, not this one though.

Best dual zone climate control I have ever used. Heated rear seats are nice bonus for this year of car.

3rd row passenger seat is roomy enough to actually use. Can't say enough good things. As far as breakdowns, etc., it is probably the same as most cars, they do need work now and then.

Being this is first used car in quite some time, I did have to shop around for a good mechanic (don't care for dealers). His opinion of car pretty much matches mine as his wife has one as well. Hope this helps....
My family bought this car for the space. we had to put gas in it the dealership said they would fill it up - they didn't so that was the first thing we tried the gas would not go in very fast you had to hold it with your hand and feed it very slow so i got tired of doing that. we went rite back to the dealership and on the way we started with a half full tank rite before we got there the gas gauge dropped to empty i know that wasn't rite I just put about 30.00 dollars in we had this same problem several times they tell us it was fixed we'd start home same thing we took it back a total of 5 times. they said they has replaced all gas parts front to back gas tank the whole works. THEY SAID you can't believe any one anymore and that sad . we finely gave up and we stop at a half tank or when it drops to E gas up again . you can park on a steep hill and you can get the gas gauge to at least come back to 3/4 tank . it has fuel pump problems and they won't fix it. I HAVEN'T IDEA ON GAS GAUGE OTHER THAN IT HAS TO HAVE A VENT AIR TO FLOW CORRECTLY . BUT IM JUST AN OLD FARMER THAT WORKED ON ALL MY EQUIPMENT FOR YEARS SO WHAT DO I KNOW. THERE ARE MANY MANY OWNERS OF THIS MAKE AND MODEL THAT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. AND CHRYSLER WILL NOT DO ANY THING ABOUT THE PROBLEM. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THEM AGAIN . I'M PERSONALLY A CHEVY MAN AND THAT'S ALL ILL EVER BUY AGAIN .
I love my 2006. I bought it with 36000 and now have 92000. I found this site while searching for answers to my first unnerving issue - having both low beams burn out within two days of each other. Last one was last night at midnight. No solution yet....just hope its not major...hope to enjoy it for many more years.
We bought this car used from a one onwer lease at 48,000. It has been the money pit ever since. We will NEVER EVER buy another Chrysler. The dealership had to replace the fuel pump three times yes, three times - the last time I almost took a hostage as the fuel was flowing from the bottom of my car on a Monday morning as they had repaired it twice. Motor Mounts, tie -rids, and now yes - rocker arms for almost $1,300. ENOUGH - gas mileage is poor at best. If I knew someone that wanted to come steal it I would leave it unlocked with the keys in it. I HATE THIS CAR. DO NOT BUY ON LOOKS ALONE. There is a reason that Chrysler had money problems. NEVER EVER again!!
I love our 2006 Pacifica, the transmission is going but it's had a very hard life.
I have a 2006 Pacifica and keep getting shocked when I close the car door. Took it to the machinic and he says some ground wires are rotten and now the main harness is rotten, rusted and needs to be replaced for 2500.00 just for the harness and wants me to call Chrysler. Anyone have info on this.
a quart oil every 1000 miles, company said this is within standards.
I bought my 2006 Pacifica used in 2006. It now has 36,000 miles on it. The 2 biggest gripes I have is: #1. OMG, what a horrible ear piercing suction air pressure noise if the rear windows are rolled down. Truthfully, I do believe the pressure could suck out your ear drums. #2. Dash lights are reduced nearly to nil when you turn on the headlights. Other than that, as far as the Pacifica getting me from point "A" to point "B" safely and comfortably I give it an overall grade of 4 stars.
I have had my 2006 pacifica AWD 3.5 for1 year ,I purchased it used with 59,000 miles and I just can't stop working the bugs out it !! I have replaced air sencer $40.00,had to have the motor smoked to find a 2 inch rubber vacum hose crack $100.00,$150,00 motor mount. My news prodject is that when I try to turn off power to the heater / a/c control the fan goes to high speed and the only way to shut it off is to pull relay from fuse box ???? Replace control module that I had to find used for $150.00 because the new one is $540.00 and I can't get for 2 mouths because of nation wide back order,still have fan high problem with used one,wife loves the car, I thinking on throwing in the tow ,when is when ???? ANY IDEAS ON THIS HIGH SPEED FAN PROBLEM will be helpful JOHN I have fixed fan poblem thaks to this web sight,it was the resister thanks guys. Whats next ??????? :)
I bought my 2006 pacifica 3 years ago with 19,000 miles on it. Other than routine maintenance I have had no problems. It runs great very smooth ride and room. could use alittle more storage area but since its only me there is plenty of room. The only problem I had was it was difficult to change the headlight but once I found out how to do it, it was not a problem. I love my car that after a few months of owing it my friend went and bought one. I wish Chrysler still made this car it is made very well and I would purchase another one.
I have had the car 1 month. It has 40000 miles. There is a funny slipping pause when you press the gas. The right front suspension is noisy over bumps. The AC works difficult. Otherwise everything is very nice.