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2005 Chrysler Pacifica (15 Reviews)
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I have had my Chrysler Pacifica for 9 years ant almost at the 100k mark. Overall I love the space and the way it drives. Has enough space to travel and transport dog. Supposedly it has mercedes parts but compared to most used cars and other pacificas I think I was lucky. I bought new when I graduated. Saved me during recession and payment not too bad. Gets about 20mog and hasnt failed me on the road yet (knock on wood). i agree eith other posts about changing headlights more freequently than any other car. I would say 5 or six times in 9 years, had air condition repair and may have to again no fan but lights up, brakes, and reguar maintenance stuff but to be expected after 9 years. Big fluid and hose work a couple of years ago. overall like its safety rating, latch seating for kids seat, and leg room in middle seat, power outlet off battery, tinted windows, latch on rear door, radio song and artist display, headspace, paint and frame i flexible to stand up to family and nephews ballgames, and the ability to tow boats. Sad they dont make them anymore wish I could upgrade to heated seats and a moonroof :) overall dont feel jaded, lasted longer and drove better than my celica. if it only had wings....
I bought this 05 Pacifica 2 yrs ago to help transport my wheelchair bound mother. Other than typical headlight, brakes & rotors....I had to put in a new AWD Transmission which luckily I got for under 2k. what the mechanic also did, is ADD a small separate cooler for the transmission bc apparently the radiator doesn't adequately cool the transmission!!! car now drives better than EVER!!!! He (owner of Euclid Transmissions), said he's noticed the people who added the cooler, never had problems again, the ones who did not, always had future transmission issues. very trustful mechanic & very knowledgable about Chryslers bc they are very popular bc of snowtime in Ohio! He also also pertains to ALL chryslers, not just the Pacifica's!
My daughter bought this SUV in 2009 and had 86,000 miles on it, now it has 180,000 on it. The only problems that she has had with it is brake pads and rotors which is normal and a thermostat stuck on it. But I think it has a broken motor mount now. But actually this has been a pretty good vehicle. Knock on wood she's been lucky compared to others.
Best car ever, bought it brand new, right now over 100,000 miles nothing big. Confortable and nice to drive
I own a 2005 Pacifica. All-in-all I like my car. I haven't had too many problems except within 2 years of buying it new (luckily under warranty) my axle actually broke. Barely made it to the dealer for them to fix. I also have the problems of headlights burning out all the time. I also have a drip on my front passenger side, near the window, during heavy rains. I also had an alternator go out a year ago. Also my back hatch does not stay up. I have to have someone hold it up, so I can get anything out of the back hatch or it falls down. Recently I had the check engine light come on and off. My mechanic said it is probably a faulty catalytic-converter sensor. I'm not going to fix it till it stays on for good. I just had the same problem with my ABS light. It came on this morning but went off on when I started the car to go home. I think it might have to do with the very cold weather but I'm not sure.
I hate this car and no one wants it for free. I have put more money into it and paid to much for ir and still owe alot.I hate myself for buying it.
I hate this car! Head lights go out, brakes squeal(mechanic says they're fine, ABS light keeps coming on and going off, Engine or transmission slips (only sometimes), Accelerator sticks on take off (that's always fun, It clunks when I come to a stop (I'm sure that's not normal) But.....The air conditioner works well except if the car doesn't start. hummmmm....And that was my positive comment. Buyers beware, stay away from this piece of garbage!
We bought our Pacifica about 2 years ago its a 2005 it had about 78 thousand miles on it. The headlights have blown more than normal. The main problems is the sticking of the accelator. Ive lubed the cable all moving parts and finally had to remove the throttle body and found it completely gunked up. Cleaning it has made some improvements. The worst thing is the howling of the front end sounds like a set of bearings coming apart. I havent looked into it yet and now the clicking of the rockers has began. I am a mechanic and lucky that most all the problems I have endured i can fix them. But this car is mostly crap. I will not buy another one. On a positve note it is roomy and the grandkids like the tv screen in the back. Moving to a Caddy.......
I have a 2006 pacifica and my head lights burn out fast. I have found that the cheap head lights ( 8.99 each) do the trick. havent replaced one in 8 months ( shoudnt have said that ) but true try that.
I am totally dissatisfied with this vehicle!!! Ipurchased the car in 2008 From 12/09 until 12/10, and in addition to regular maintenance, I have made the following repairs: replace both headlamps that stopped functioning with no warning and literally left me in the dark driving with my emergency flashers for about 5 miles until I reached my home; replaced tie rods; replaced brakes because ABS light came on and stayed on; bought 4 new tires and was told one tire is wearing unevenly; was told by Firestone that the diagnostic code indicated that I needed the catalytic concerter replaces only to be told by Chrysler dealership that I needed 2 OX sensors replaced, an oil pressue sensor replaced and the power steering rack and lines replaced which required alignment. too. Needless to say, I hate the vehicle and curse the day that I bought it. Unfortunately, I still have 4 years before it's paid off. The clincher is that the dealership wanted me to purchase the extended warranty. However, the costs would cover only 2 years and I'd be paying for it for 6 years - NEVER AGAIN!!!!
I really like my 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, but I have been having a lot of problems lately. My windows won't go down or up sometimes. I mean they just work when they want to. Then there is the issue of my headlights keep needing to be replaced. The driver headlight cost roughly about $75 and the passenger roughly about $65 each time I need to replace them. I am a single parent and this is really costly to maintain every few months. My gas pedal sticks sometimes. When I take off from a stop position there is a delay in taking off and a huge clunking sound. If I apply the emergency brake on a incline/decline when parked and then release it there is a loud thump sound. I have just started my research on problem/recalls for my year make and model and I'm very disappointed in what I am reading. Daimler Chrysler really need to step up to the plate on these consumer issues and not leave it to us to inform each other about recalls and potential problems. They must know that they have a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to their consumers and the community at large.
We bought my 2005 Pacifica used. It was a fleet vehicle mostly before we purchased it. Although the car itself is very comfortable, I miss having three seat belts in the back seats. We've driven the car for two years and almost have 100,000 miles. We've had a lot of trouble with the headlights going out repeatedly. The AC has never worked up to speed, and my car stays very hot for a long period of time before it gets very cool IF it gets very cool. Some days it doesn't at all. The brakes are great, but the ABS braking system is a mess. We had to have the left rear ABS sensor replaced and now the right one which was very costly. My ABS light infrequently went on and off, then my brakes actually refused to stop the car because my ABS interferred. Twice I could have hit someone and been in an accident. The car is also terrible on fuel and takes a lot to fill up and burns gas quickly. Needless to say that I am very dissappointed in my Pacifica. I do not recommend buying another one.
I like my Pacifica and bought it as a change from a Durango due to back problems. The seats/ride is comfortable. I've bought the car new, it now has 80,000 miles.

I have had some issues. The electrical has always been quirky and my tail lights have worked off and on. The a/c has never worked correctly through the rear vents. The seat heater on the driver's side has to be turned on and then turned off to make it heat properly. The engine mount came loose and cost a small fortune to have fixed. My engine slips when first pressing on the gas too. They have always told me this is normal, but it is aggrevating to hear/feel a huge clunk everytime you go. (somebody else had that in their review as well.)

On the good side, my brakes lasted 80K. Despite the above, I've been happy. I feel safe in it. I plan on letting my new teen driver use it. It's mostly reliable and has a good rollover safety rating that many SUV's don't have.

My wife and I had a Grand Caravan for about ten years, so when we started looking for something new, the Pacifica Touring was a easy sell. Plenty of space which we had been used too,but definitly a classer feel to it. Parts are expensive, i replaced all four Michelins 19' and two wheel sensors last year, almost $285.00 each tire and another $185.00 each sensor. Ouch!
Other than that, it looks and rides great.
Had the car for about 3 weeks so far, and love it. The ride is smooth, the engine is great so far. The interior is roomy enough for kids.