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2004 Chrysler Pacifica (13 Reviews)
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Reading through other comments here and I only saw one from several years ago on this issue...
We took our 2004 Pacifica into Firestone today for an alignment to fix the shaking we noticed while driving on the highway before we set off on a scheduled trip coming up next week. We were told that an alignment would be a waste of money due to the amount of rust and corrosion in the frame under the engine. (At first I asked my husband who talked to the mechanic on the phone if he had the right car!) Come to find out that this is a VERY common issue with these cars and expensive to repair. Now what needs to happen here? Does someone need to actually drive these cars until something happens at 60-70 miles an hour before a recall is done and all Pacifica drivers are aware of this issue? Looking online, I can't find a story about someone actually losing their engine while driving, but it just seems like a matter of time.
My 2004 Pacifica Touring had been leased to its previous owner from late 2003 to mid 2006, when I bought it in 2006. It had 32k miles on it. Now 2013, 7 years have passed, the car is almost 10 yrs old, and I have never had to fix it. We do scheduled maintenance, and I only now have 60k miles on it. I have had to replace the battery twice, but I love my pacifica (leather interior, heated seats, awd), and will keep it probably another 10 years. The only reason I would sell it would be to have a larger vehicle, and I can't find one with as nice an interior as the pacifica. All the other cars have such cheap interior and ugly. The pacifica is like a luxury car to me. So safe, comfy....I have no idea what other car I'd ever buy...I hate everything else. We paid about 13k for it. Best buy ever imo. Lousy mileage...14mpg..but best car ever!
I recently purchased a used 2004 Chyrsler Pacifica, with 103000 miles on it. When I stop I hear a loud click and a pull, what could that be? Also, when I take the key out of the ignition the interior lights do not stay lite and I CANT lock, nor unlock my doors. Is there a button to reset the interior lights to stay on? PLEASE HELP, I HAVE FOUR CHILDREN AND OF THE FOUR ONE IS A CANCER SURVIVOR I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM FOR ERROR........
We got our SUV because it was the lowest one being made then, easy to step in and out and I love the sleek look. Bought it with a couple thousand miles on it and have more than eighty now. Never had any mechanical problems except for the starter not turning once and the dope of a mechanic that I took it to, decided to change the starter without hooking the car up to a computer for diagnosis, when in eventuality, the grounding wire on the starter was loosen. That Dope had me buy a new starter and pay him $300. for repairs too.
Our car is great, runs like a Plane and purrs like a Lion. I have had several cars before but this Pacifica is my most beautiful, luxurious and economically useful one yet.
We have owned this car four years and love it. 24000 miles when purchaced. 95000 miles now. Six passenger AWD. The most trouble came when the battery ground cable broke where it attaches to the transmission. This caused phantom electrical and starting problems. When the battery was replaced it was too tall and streched the cable causing the failure. We replaced the hazed headlight buckets and installed a custom grill last year, what an improvement for night vision and the car looks newer. Winters have been harsh here and the AWD goes thru anything. My wife feels safe driving this car no matter what the weather.
I've had my '04 Pacifica for exactly 2 years. I bought it used as a repo car - so I have no known pre-history on this car. After the first few months i had a problem that would happen sometimes while driving: the dash & headlights would go out then coming back on as well as a electrical popping sound from the dashboard. Last winter during our first snow fall here in Utah the heater went out. I had the heating element replace & after that all the other electrical problems went away. It's mainly my wife's car but we use it as our traveling vehicle & I haven't had any real complaints with this car. I have had little things happen; once a couple of months ago the right front door wouldn't shut & latch, after messing with it for about an hour or so it finally shut & has work fine ever since. Right now my front left headlight won't work even after replacing the bulb. These things are small to me. I've had many cars over my adult life & all seem to have their goods & bads (even my Japanese cars). Overall this car fits my family; it's comfortable, quiet & my wife feels safe driving it.
i have a 04 pacifica and it's been stalling. had it checked they replaced the iac but found out that it wasn't receiving a signal from the pcm. checked for recalls and found there are 2 recalls for this vehicle. one happens to be reprogramming the software for the pcm .
I just bought my Pacifica about two weeks ago.. it has 35000 miles. It runs out great.. excellent handling. We love the auto-lift on the back door... no slamming it shut. Lots of room. Mine is front wheel drive so the engine feels a little weak for the size of the car and pick up.. but I cannot complain; it gets into traffic great, the mpg is about 21 on the road and 17 in town.. I love the big 21 gal gas tank and the four bucket seating.... By far the nicest car I have ever owned..
I have owned my pacifica for about 2 1/2 years now, bought it with 40,000 miles on it. This has been on of the best cars I have ever owned. I researched everything about this car before making the decision to purchase it. The ride is superb, and the handling is also great. I do ALL of my own maintenance and one thing that surprises me is people who expect a car to last for ever without doing any maintenance to it. Yea I have replaced the tie rod ends, spark plugs, front and rear brakes, the battery, serpentine belt, belt tensioner, tires, oil and filters. These are ALL NORMAL MAINTENANCE ISSUES. I find the car to be well engineered and relatively simple to work on. Heck the car even has a built in OBDII generic engine code scanner!!!! Love this car - i dont regret buying it for a minute.
I Bought my 04 Pacificia AWD about three years ago. I put about 20000 on her and I don't really have any complaints. Besides the previous owners didn't really take care of it. It runs great, descent aceleration for a car thats over weight for the engines that are available. I like the trans stick / Slap shifter, helps a lot when passing on the highway. The car gets good MPG, The only thing I don't like is the mirrors don't always stay set. It has the memory set and sometimes the mirrors don't stay put, and when my wife uses her key, they don't change over to her settings. The mirrors, seats, radio stations, and HVAC all can be set to the driver preference. Which is set by the different key. Its a small problem that the dealer will have to look into, But thats my two cents. Thank you. and remember to Always buy American. Help out our brothers and Sister.
i have an 04 pacifica. I have had to do a number of things to it. I have had to change the EGR valve. The cost to replace parts are out of this world. One tail light was 170 dollars. Now i am having problem with starting and stalling of this car. It is taking me 40 mins. to get the car started and when it does try to start is stalls. I have replaced the battery for a larger on. I have replaced the starter still no solution. I have changed the battery cables still no solution. Now i am about to try to change the idle air control valve. How much money am I suppose to spend. I have read a great number of post with all the same problems.
Overall Vehicle is quality is good, Excellent choice for families with children and pets. Heating and Air Conditioning above average as is comfort level on extended trips. Very few problems with this vehicle.
Bought this vehicle a couple of weeks ago. So far no complaints about it, it has 73000 miles on it and it is running fine so far. i didnt give it 5 stars because i dont believe anything is perfect theres always something that they could add. I like the fact that they have a dvd player in the dash, but my car didnt come with the screen, so its kind of useless right now. Also who uses the mannual/autoshift thingie on a minivan/car (crossover)??? kind of a useless feature i guess. I have the loaded one 2004. so far so good