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1994 Chrysler LeBaron owners review and rate their 1994 Chrysler LeBaron.

1994 Chrysler LeBaron (4 Reviews)
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Is it possible to adapt the switching moment of the automatic gear box to allow the engine speed less.
I really like this car, as do my friends.
I actually have a 1987 2Dr. 2.5L (4cyl.). My aunt had it until she couldn't drive anymore and few years later passed away. I've been driving it ever since. I got it in 2004 with only like 35k miles. :D Hard to believe I know. Now in 2010 and almost up to 70k miles. I take very good care of it and only a short list of issues: engine has a slight knock, headliner is starting to come undone but only a little, the headlight cover motor is broke, I've had to replace the mufflers (yes they're two mufflers), and the dome light switch for the passenger door doesn't work. Other than it goes through a little bit of oil (what can you expect she's 20 somethin years old _ respect the ladies:D); not a single other problem for a vehicle that has spent it's whole life in Michigan.. got me through high school and now almost through college. GREAT CAR!! My cousin got an 1991 with 170k miles when she was in high school and now has over 220k and all she has had to do is replace the mufflers too. GREAT CARS !!! Even if they have a ton of miles.
great once you figure out the cooling sytem the radiator for this was to small replace it with a bigger radiator and all the problems will be gone