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2004 Chrysler Concorde (11 Reviews)
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I bought my Concorde used and it was with 77,000 miles, about three years ago. I is by far the best most luxurious car I have ever owned. It is a marvelous car when it works and a dragon when its not. Current book I think, about 3500. At that, its worth more to me to play the odds and hope for the best.
In the time I have owned it the brakes leaked once and needed to re hosed. 390 dollars
The cam sensor when sour- 359 dollars and there was a vacuum leak repaired 400 dollars
Now, the transmission solenoid pack is shot and that is costing 800 dollars.
Understand its a complex ECM car, but what else is going to go wrong needing an expensive for me (I am retired) repairs.
So its a love and hate relationship. I know I could not replace it with the money I have spent in repairs, so I love it and its power and luxury. I hate all the repairs.
I bought a 2004 Concord used in 2005. It had 28,000 miles when purchased and with light usage nearly ten years later has just 70,000. The "check engine" light was going on and off for years but this year I could not get the state inspection approved without the light being off. Then the nightmare began. The dealer reset all the internal diagnostics trying to find the source of the problem (a fuel pump emissions detector near the gas tank) and after doing so the car began to slip into "limp mode" which it had NEVER done before. Dealer said it needed a whole new transmission. I argued, they brought in a transmission specialist who gave the same verdict. As I had no plan to purchase a new car I bit the bullet for both repairs. Within two weeks the right rear of the car began vibrating. Tire not aligned? I thought so but I took it to a new shop and nothing could be detected. I've want to kee this car to at least 90,000 miles but another big repair estimate will see me moving on.
We bought our Chrysler Concorde LXI new and we have over 150M miles on it. It has been the best family car we have ever owned. Our only problem is a consistent "valve clatter" when excellerating a low speeds. We have had the throttle body cleaned, all the normal maintenance suggested, higher octane gas, etc.. Does anyone have a potential solution to fix the clattering noise?
This is my third Concorde and by and by it hasn't been a bad car. Didn't start having problems until it were over 100K miles. I do mostly interstate driving and it has been the smoothest ride of the 3. In the life of the car I have changed the tranny shifting solenoid and an oxygen sensor. People say it is difficult to work on but for cab forward design I have found just about everything to be easily accessible with the removal of just a few extra nuts and bolts. Tune ups are simple and it is an easy vehicle to care for. Most recently I have had to replace the passenger side CV trans axle and bearing hub but old cars come with old car problems.
i bought a used concord limited that was in great condition besides that fact that the brakes had never been replaced. i have only had it for about six months now but i love it. there are a few things i dont like such as the trunk which has a hard time staying open even when on flat ground. the airbag light comes on even though there is nothing wrong. another thing is that after an 11 hour trip it started having trouble starting up right away but that has seemed to resolve itself. my last complaint isnt really a problem more of an annoyance, everything in the hood is either hard to find or very hard to get to, and changing a bulb in the trunk took me over 20 minutes. other than those few things i love this car and plan to keep it for a very long time.
Been a fine car for 7 yrs. Now the perform service light comes on regularly. Cant find anything wrong, changed the oil and filters yet the light continues to come on. Any suggestions?
Bought this car new, ran fine for 3 yrs and then started to overheat. spent so much money on a radiator, water pump, thermostats, engine flush. Just had a new motor put in it in May and it was back in the garage for over heating in July. Replaced overflow bottle and thermostat. I will never buy Chrysler again. This car has done nothing but suck money out of my pockets. DO NOT EVEN THINK of purchasing a 2004 Chrysler Concorde LXI 3.5 LTR.
I really have a serious problem with my car. The engine's temprature rises accedently every time I leave the engine working.The water starts boiling and then gets out through the water outlet. I have aready changed the water radaiter however the problem is still the same. Consequently, I checked the engine heads,changed its gaskets but nothing has changed yet.
This is a piece of garbage. I have had to replace catalytic converters, O2 sensors, transmission, cam shaft sensor, and now a water pump failure. Don't buy this piece of trash.
Ive had numerous problems with my 04 concorde. Major problems....catalyact converts, sensors, timing, camshaft,and much more. Ive only owned it for 2 years!!!!! Thats why they stopped making them!!!!
I have driven Buicks for a few years, I traded a 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra on this 2004 Chrysler Concorde, its loaded and handles good for a large car, but it is no Buick. The 3.5 is lacking compared to the 3.8 supercharged Ultra engine. The Buick also gave 31 to 34 mpg on a trip where the Chrylser is in the 26 to 28 range. Although both are wonderful road trip cars. I know this is "knit picking" but the glare from the top of the dash board in front of the driver is almost unbearable. I will probably go back to Buick after the factory warranty expires on the Chrysler.