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2003 Chrysler Concorde (5 Reviews)
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I bought my '03 Concorde a year ago and it's been a wonderful car... until now. The Shift Solenoid and Switch valve need to be replaced to the tune of $1,200.

Keep in mind a 10 year old car WILL develop some issues. The tipping point of vehicle value & repair costs mean this car may no longer be worth PURCHASING.

The other stuff like tires, brakes is just routine maintenance and expected.
2003 Chrysler Concorde
I love this car. Its a large luxury Sedan. But I've had nothing but ONE trouble since I bought it. and i nobody out of 6 mechanics were able to find the issue with the car. Engine light is ON.
OBD Codes show, Oxygen sensors, camshaft sensor, ignition coils, multiple misfire, etc etc.
Replaced (all 4) O2 sensors TWICE, replaced all 6 spark plugs with costliest titanium spark plugs, replaced all 6 ignition coils, It worked for a while. Engine light also off for a while. but then after a week, still same codes same problems.
Car stalls while runnings, making noise of a mis-fire.
Sometimes she doesnt start at least for 8-10 crankings.

Not sure what to do, please suggest.
Omg....I love this car but I've had nothing but trouble since I bought it. Warranty replaced the engine, the transmission, I replaced the crankshaft, and now I'm dealing with intermittant refusal to start. I've had all the recalls repaired..and new things just keep popping up. I just bought a new warranty and I hope it takes care of the latest issues. It's a great car if you can afford the repairs and keep it on the road.
I have a 2003 concord whit 181243 miles and it rides like new i love these car i just do the regular maintained and thats it i love these car a lot of space
transmition 1900 $ window regulator 250$ x 2
brakes poor rides and drives well, lots of room