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2000 Chrysler Concorde (5 Reviews)
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Not a bad car overall.
We've had our 2000 Concorde LXI for 10 years. Babied it with any repair required. Chrome it up with bling and it's a sharp looking sporty/luxury car. It's become a family member. A woman hit us the other day and damaged the front door/fender. We sit at home fretting if the insurance comapany writes it off. It's only worth $3000 but worth the world to us. Took us on many comfortable trips. We are far from ready to let it go. I'm 50 and this is one of the nicest vehicles I've owned. Make sure it's the 3.2 litre.
Purchased vehicle 2002 A/C leaked extended warranty took care of repairs. Biggest head aches are sensors (timing and crank). Did thermastat myself, wife's car and she gets regular service on it. Interior now "feeling" old age cracked door trims and now passenger int. door handle panel broke and not an easy piece to find. My mechanic doesn't like it but we love it. Wife's park-n-ride car and family trip car, great milage and roomy. Wish they kept making them. Oh this is my second Concorde, first was a 1993 loved it too.
I have replaced so many things in this car, 75k, radiator, tie rods,starter, condenser, belts Window don,t go down all the way. the Ac is flaky, I spend so much money to fix the AC but still doesn't work right. Only thing I liked about this car was that it was roomy and has an automatic door lock when you start driving. I don,t recommend this car to anyone
At 125K, I love this car even though it has required some significant repairs. This car has one of the BEST RIDES I have ever experienced. It has large rear seating, a huge trunk, great handling, great acceleration, great premium sound, and more. I bought it new from the dealer, LXi, 3.2L, Gold, Leather, The Works. Now for the problems: AC evaporator went out in 2007, about $1300 to repair (remove dash, etc.). Since then, the AC has been anemic and temp control poor- I may need to replace AC pump; Steering Rack went bad in 2008 and it seems to be common on this series of vehicles, and it was about $1000 to repair-hard to find a inexpensive rebuilt steering rack; plastic door trim shrunk over the years and needs replacment, but not a biggie. Gas mileage has gotten worse over the years...about 15MPG in city driving, and about 18MPG highway. I plan to replace the engine if it ever goes bad. No tranny or engine problems in this 3.2L model I hear.